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I had recently graduated from my probationary period when a mentally unstable gunman barricaded himself in a restaurant with twenty hostages. Our platoon was the first ones on scene and managed to convince the gunman to surrender without harming anyone. It was a pretty impressive feat considering we weren’t a tact team or trained negotiators. After work, we celebrated at the bar.

“Good job team!” Our platoon sergeant, Mark Phillips, congratulated as we lifted our beers into the air.

“And good job to our new full-fledged member: Alex Parker,” Nathan declared as we all cheered again. Another thing about cops; we are pretty rowdy when we get together. We love to hang out and have fun but we can also be pretty serious for our job. The first lesson I learned was to never get pissed drunk in your division; you never want someone you will possibly arrest or work with professionally see you stupid drunk. Bad idea. I nodded as the others slapped my back, including Tess.

“Now, like every rookie before you, you must drink from the Blue Vengeance,” Tessa said as the bartender placed a giant, blue bottle in front of the crew. “Everyone takes a shot if they survive their probationary period.” Everyone smiled at me like a wolf watching its prey. I glanced at them and the bottle as my grin grew.

Tessa sat beside her partner and grinned that small, seductive smile. She was wearing a white blouse, dark jeans, black leather jacket, and black heeled boots. I’m a dude, so I don’t know much about makeup but I could tell Tessa had put some on her face. It made her eyes appear darker, more mysterious, as if her emeralds were truly emeralds.

“Alright,” I muttered as Greg poured the shot. With a nod, I swallowed the shot and felt the liquid burn down my throat and up my nose. I coughed as the others laughed, clapping my back.

“Welcome to the team!” Nathan exclaimed. We all cheered once again and ordered another round.

“Tessa,” Mark began, his eyes growing wide as the joy left his face, “where did you get that bruise?” We all looked and found a huge, dark bruise peeking from under her blouse. She flashed us a smile and shrugged, pulling her jacket over the bruise.

“This?” She released a laugh, “I was cleaning up the house yesterday and I fell against the counter.”

“Clumsy Tess,” Greg laughed shaking his head. We all chuckled and continued on celebrating; but, looking back, her eyes dimmed and she was quiet the rest of the night.

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