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A collection of short Christmas stories all about joy and happiness, and wishes coming true, consisting of twenty five chapters all leading up to the Christmas period. They vary from snow men competitions and snow unicorns coming to life, to readying santas sleigh to deliver presents to children. Some vary to the Victorian period but all feature the magic and spirit of Christmas. Each happy and filled with joy. Each story will be different and eac h will be posted everyday at no set time but they will be out on the day and will updated as soon as possible but if a day is missed it will be caught upon so all twenty five stories will be there.

Raven Valentino
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Victorian Christmas

The clock in the middle of the town in Paris began to strike twelve it was Christmas eve. Emily sighed to herself as she still had so much to do, she rolled over in her bed and looked out of the window as it began to snow once again. Her bedroom was decorated with holly, stockings and many other delightful things, a small tree stood in the corner, the hearth burned brightly and kept her warm. She fell back to sleep her dreams being filled with joy and what the day may bring.

When the sun was at its highest she arose and stretched, she leapt out of her bed before her maid could wake her, she got ready for the day. She got dressed in a velvet green dress with a red cloak over the top, it had white fur trimming and touched her boots, she pulled the hood up as she ran out into the snow ignoring her mothers calls, she pulled on her mittens and headed into town, not taking her horse as it was far too cold, horses and carriages were already lining the streets and had holly decorating the top of the cab and the horses had berries on their brow bands.

Emily headed first to the toy shop first, many children crowded the window everyone marvelling at the new clockwork contraptions. “Good morning miss, what can I help you with?” an elderly man asked, poorly dressed with glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Erm, I’m looking for something for my sister and my nephew.” she replied.

“Ar I have just the thing,” he said and led her over to a small dapple grey rocking horse in the corner. “It’s made with real horse hair.”

“Okay, this is perfect for her she loves horses.” Emily said.

“And for your nephew I think maybe a boat he can play with on the lake in the park perhaps?” he asked.

“He prefers nutcrackers or soldiers,” she answered.

“Here,” he said reaching into the display window and taking out a beautifully carved nutcracker with a blue uniform, and the lever worked perfectly.

“I’ll take that to.” she smiled, and paid for both toys before moving onto the tree for the living room, as it was a tradition for her family to decorate the tree in the living room, she went to a small place on the outskirts and found the biggest tree she could find. After she got the wreath and the turkey, she then headed home and unloaded everything and began to wrap up the presents and placed them in the living room. The tree was now in place and her family had all arrived in time, she sat in the chair by the fire looking at the boxes piled in the room with all the Christmas decorations in.

Her family all walked in and they all began to unpack the decorations and one by one they placed their decorations onto the tree, till the angel was left. Emilie’s father lifted her onto his shoulders and she put the angel on top of the tree, it looked beautiful all silver and white against the green, it glittered in the flickering candles on the tree and the presents hidden away under the branches. The clock once again stroke twelve and it was Christmas day.

“Merry Christmas!” they all said to one another.

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