My life with ADHD

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this is basically a wakj through my life.Explaining some of the challenges and some of the hard parts of my life. this story tells you my history. i want people to know what it is like to lived with ADHD. Some of the struggles i face, When people think of ADHD they usually think of special needs, that is not what ADHD is. People with ADHD always get stereotyped based on how bad they have it. If you were only given a little taste, your still regular. Although, if you have severe ADHD, like me, your considered different.. We are not different, we are just challenged. Hey, we could probably do some tasks better then people without ADHD. I wrote this story to tell what it feels like to need help and to feel different sometimes.

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Hello world, goodbye love.

Hi, I’m Faith. I am living with severe ADHD. Attention definite hyper-activity disorder. This makes it hard for me to survive, pay attention, and stay calm. How do i get through all this you may ask? Liza koshy. She is my idol and my role model. Side note: ADHD is a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. How do i get through this? Liza Koshy, of course. Liza Koshy is a little brown girl who is from Texas and now lives in California. She is the host of the remake of Double Dare, she stars in Freakish, Medea’s Boo, and FML. She’s a girl who has big dreams. When i was 13 i lost my great-grandmother who was dealing with a bad hip and a stroke. I remember the day my mother told me that Nonnie died. I knew the day was coming but, it came too fast. We would always sit in her room for the last few years of her life. She was still a fighter, even in the hardest times, she was brave. The night came that everyone feared of. My mom called my dad and told him she thought that they believed that was the night she was going to pass. I didn't expect anything the next day. My sister's boyfriend needed us to watch his sisters for him so we went there before my summer school i was attending. The school day went by and my sister picked me up from my school. She didn't say much the whole time in the car ride. All she kept saying was that my mom had to tell me something. I kept asking if it was about Nonnie but she wouldn't answer. I walked in and expected the worse thing to be told to me.

"Hon, i think you should sit down for this." My mom told me.

"Why? I'm good. I've been sitting all day-"

"OK. Nonnie died." I started screaming. Everyone told me that she wasn’t suffering anymore. At the funeral viewing, the only place i sat was right next to the casket. I was crying my eyes out before everyone else showed up. I felt that it was right to be strong for other family members. At the same time i was holding my sister in my arms, who was 17 at the time. I kept telling Nonnie to wake up and that it was all a bad dream. She didn't respond. What was wrong with me? Talking to dead people is what little kids think they can do. I was 13 not 3. Sometimes i can see Nonnie looking at me like she's so mad that i never said goodbye. That's what i get mad about when i think of her, all i said was see you later. OK. my story is not going to be a eulogy. Back to the subject. By this time, i was already a fan of Liza’s but now, i needed something to distract me from the pain of losing my favorite family member. She is funny and she is also different like i am. We had so much in common. Before then i was dealing with horrible, painful, scary heart attacks that ranged from 7minutes-1 whole hour. i missed having the freedom to do whatever i wanted. The story is that I was in my room just playing around with a big shell when i was called by my mom to meet our new neighbors, the Rattas. When i walked out with my shell (i was currently addicted to the sea), my dad stopped me and i was so shocked. I paniced and ran to my room to put the shell back. When i ran to my mother because my heart felt 3x faster she said i was correct and that i was having a panic attack. We were all in shock because this had never happened to me. My mom asked me why my heart was beating so fast and i explained what had happened. Then everything went dark, it was black and i couldn’t hear my mom talking to me until a little while later when she was shaking me. “Faith wake up. FAITH WAKE UP PLEASE!” She cried. The other thing about ADHD is that you can never take a short nap. You will: A). Fall asleep and sleep for the rest of the day and the time you have remaining or B). sleep some, and then ruin your sleep routine, thanks to your medicine.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through my life and to see how it feels to live with ADHD, thank you for reading,


Faith B.

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