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My life revolves around animals, and this is the story of them. I have had many types of animals in my life from anything from dogs to mules and guinea pig. Each with their own personality and quirks unique to them. I get new animals often and I am thankful that I get to have these amazing animals in my life, to care for and to play with. Even though life has its ups and downs animals make it seem as if everything will work out in the end. Animals are really the best thing that God put on this earth, not for food but for companionship, for example when you are sick of your little brother or sister your animal will stick by you no matter what life throws at you.

Karenna Schraeder
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Jack was the first pet I had in my family. He was a black and white husky. We got him from one of my mom’s friends, who was moving and couldn’t take him with. Jack was an escape artist, when we were out of the house we put him out in the kennel. Many days we would come home and Jack would be gone, the kennel was still locked. But every night he would come back home.

One day my mom put Jack in his kennel to figure out how he was getting out. About ten minutes later he would push his dog house over to the corner of his kennel jump on top of his dog house, then he would start climbing the kennel. Once he reached the top of his six-foot kennel he would jump over to the ground below. My mom then told my dad and he chained his dog house in the center of his kennel. Which could have been the death of him.

On June 24, of 2003 my family and I were at my grandparent's house. We were on our way home when my grandpa called my mom and said that the tornado siren was going off in town. We live out of town so the only way we know a tornado is coming is the news. We went straight home and into the basement when my dad turned on the TV he saw the tornado was coming straight to our house. It seemed like seconds later there was this sound of glass shattering things falling, this sound was unbearable. Jack was still outside in his kennel. After the storm ended my dad went outside to look at the damage and see if Jack was okay.

Our house was leveled with only one was standing. Everything was destroyed except my great-grandmother’s piano. My dad looked outside, and Jack was nowhere to be found. My dad called out his name and heard a whimper coming from underneath one of the kennel fences. Which was on top of the dog house, and under that dog house was Jack. Jack broke both of his back legs. But he still lived through the event.

Late August of 2005 Jack ran away, and for six months we looked for him… Nothing June of 2007 we found him, more like his collar. It was under a tree six miles from our house. We never knew how he died. My parents think that he ran away from home because he knew he was going to die, to this day we don’t know what killed him but we suspect a heart attack.

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