Tides of Sorrow

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When people consider angels, they usually envisage the stereotypical winged creature doing ‘good’; a Holy soldier carrying out God’s will. Or perhaps a Guardian, watching over us ‘little people’.

But the Angels, just like humans (talking monkeys, as they liked to refer to us) were also in possession of freedom of choice. And therein, heated disputes led to wars within the holy realm.

Were the Fallen Angels always bad though, you ask.

Quite simply, the answer is “No.”

In 1215, according to the 4th Lateran Council, it was declared the devil and the other demons were created by God and all were primarily good in their nature. Some did, however, make themselves evil.

The Angels underwent a moral testing. In this, they were required to achieve and advocate ‘The Beatific Vision of God’; all that was Holy and pure.

The ‘Good’ Angels (those who passed the test) entered into Heaven and served by His side.

The ‘Fallen’, or ‘bad’ angels, if you like, through (sins) pride and envy, did not adhere to God’s will and fell to the mortal world under the ban of ‘eternal damnation’.

In the words from Jeremiah 2:20, The ‘Fall’ is referred to as - non serviam - when translated means “I will not serve”.

For the purposes of this story, however, here is my selection of the Fallen Angels and their traits:

Lahash – angel who interferes with divine will.

Beelzebub – angel known as the “prince of demons.”

Samael – evil angel one whose name means “the blind God.”

Apollyon – angel of death whose name means “to destroy.”

Zepar – angel who makes women love men.

Xaphan– angel who fires the fires of hell

This is a partial revision from Reference: Branches Catholic Ministeries http://go2branches.com/

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