Tides of Sorrow

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Lahash pushed himself away from the bandstand railing as he saw his companions board the bus. A sardonic smile traced his lips. Xaphan did like to cling to his little saviour. Pitiful.

His eyes scanned the vista before him and he pondered what to do until their self-appointed leader gathered them together.

As ever, Lahash did excogitate the legitimacy of Samael’s claim to greatness. He possessed an insidious ability to seduce the most chaste or powerful of women, but that hardly awarded such lofty stature. Surely!

Lahash was not incapable of changing the course of events himself. Through his form of ‘intervention’, he had played a significant role in Heaven and Earth’s history. He had been inexorably instrumental in their unceremonious ousting from Heaven for one thing. He had started asking questions, putting forth opinions, causing a stir. In all the commotion, however, that was never addressed, he was merely ‘party’ to it, as were they all.

Nevertheless, his methods adopted a strategy, not lust. In his opinion, that surely would have crowned him as the leader. But no. Samael, claimed the title.

Unarguably, that had been effectual due to the so-called weapon he had sired. The promise of God’s will being devoured from within, so-to-speak. A demi-god in the guise of a talking monkey, ‘altered’ by the Master himself for being a naughty boy (thanks to the contribution from Lahash). Such irony; it bordered on being ingenious. But, the reality was beyond disappointing.

Cain had not become the vengeful champion his father had so hoped for. Infuriatingly, he remained loyal to the one who had cast him out.

Lahash scoffed. It seemed when the CEO of All Things Divine tired of His minions, be they mortal or otherwise, He simply disposed of them one way or another. More oft than not, He assigned His Legion to do His dirty work. The Fallen had thought to outsmart Him in Cain’s case. Alas...

And through it all, this hullabaloo called religion, faith, devoutness had travelled over time hand-in-hand with creation itself. So many contradictions and hypocrisy; sometimes, Lahash wondered why he and his comrades had ever worshipped at His feet in the first place.

He had grown weary of it all, however; this babysitting they had been drawn into was farcical.

On that front, he was in agreement with Beelzebub. It was time things changed. Too much of it had been wasted hoping for the tables to be turned. They had, after all, managed rather well without the monstrous blood-sucker up to now.

Granted, most plans had been scuppered by something or someone. He gritted his teeth - he refused to give that credit to the Almighty. Good prevails over evil - balderdash! What was ‘good’ about their betrayal, for example? Had they not simply tried to show him the flaws of these pets he loved so much? Loved more than He loved his angels! How did all these pathetic, blind, fucked up sheep still believe in Him?

He leaned on the railings as he looked out over the sea. He had to calm down. To allow his anger to ignite at this stage was folly. Apart from Beelzebub, who in all honesty, could be as changeable as the seasons, all the others were loyal to Samael. Theirs was not a power not to be trifled with; he needed unity to overthrow their leader. It would take time.

At that, he did laugh, quietly.


In the eyes of the planet’s inhabitants, that was equated by years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes. For angels, it was by events. Significant ones of course. Ones which could have and should have led to the annihilation of mankind. Although there had been many down the ages, their perception of time was very different so technically, they had not been around as long as the history books had the population believe.

It was still a very lengthy game they played though and certain pieces needed to be taken out. Primarily, Cain. And Samael. Then glory would belong to the Fallen.

Yes, it was nearly time to call ‘check’.

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