Tides of Sorrow

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The angel’s flames whipped and flickered, but he was not for dousing the fire; he was still unsure what Cain would do. He nonetheless seemed joyous, triumphant even. He moved back the way he’d come, obviously weighing up how the vampire had evolved.

The sky became blessedly clear and the silver orb above cast a spotlight on the preternatural meeting. “I must admit...” Samael smirked. “...I did not quite expect such a dramatic development.” He laughed.

No humour crossed Cain’s face and if he had been taken by surprise at his own transformation, then he was demonstrating an admirable reserve. He focused on the angel; his eyes still as black, the thread veins having extended their reach bleeding down his neck, onto his chest. The talons remained equipped and they too were fed by spreading dark veins which ran down his arms. His chest heaved. “Now I know the truth,” he said, his voice deep, somewhat resigned. “You robbed me of my brother, my family, my home.”

“Not I. He did that,” Samael pointed to Lahash’s corpse.

“But you ordered it and all because you wanted me to fight your war.”

Samael started to circle him again. “I cannot take credit for instigating this war, that honour belongs to none other than the Almighty Himself. But, this - ” He gestured to the new form Cain had adopted. ”This is your destiny!”

“No, it is my punishment. I was a humble farmer living a quiet and decent life. Havel was my brother! I loved him as I did my mother and father.”

Samael huffed. “Look at yourself! What more proof do you need of your genus! I am your father. You are my son!”

Cain’s wings opened, his talons flexed. “Adam was my father! I realise now I am not of his blood, but nevertheless, he raised me, he taught me everything about life and its beauty. He was proud of me and he loved me - until you ruined everything. I will never look upon you as my father.”

Samael swiped a fiery arm at Cain. The vampire side-stepped, dodging the attack. A jet of flame shot forward aimed at his face but again he deflected using one of his gigantic wings. The flame caught the heather, flared for a few moments then died; the plants too wet to feed the flames. “You waste your time, Samael. You cannot defeat me!” he said.

“Nor can you beat me, for you will burn, over and over.” They circled each other, ready for battle.

“You are decay, a vile, manipulative degenerate and everything that God despises,” Cain said, starting to embrace his newfound powers.

A cruel laugh dripped from the flaming angel. “The Almighty does not look upon you any more favourably. When will you realise that!” He cast another barrage of flame, missing his target by a few inches. Cain kicked off and took to the skies, willing the angel to follow. He did not disappoint.

The two jousted in the air. Every one of Samael’s attacks was countered, some were even deflected his way. Cain slammed his wings forward and the angel was jettisoned away, tumbling through the night sky, his fire slightly dimmed. He recovered soon enough and with a blazing trail behind, he flew back at Cain. He roared frustration as the vampire dodged him yet again.

“We are all just toys for Him,” He shouted. “God is nothing more than a petulant child throwing His rattle from His crib - only He threw us from Heaven because he didn’t like our objections. And He cursed you to walk this forsaken planet forever - alone, pathetic, with nothing more than blood for sustenance - because it suited Him!”

The two crashed into each other, wings whipping, slicing, burning. Cain clawed at his father’s face managing to cut deep; the result, a dousing of fire around Samael’s head. Cain smiled knowingly. The Fallen kicked him away.

The vampire instantly swooped again. They collided, spinning in the air for a few seconds before pushing apart once more. His obsidian wings were singed, his chest and arms seared. He looked up - Samael was grinning. It soon dissipated as Cain’s healing ability kicked in even faster than ever before and the scorching vanished.

He studied the Fallen, relishing the look of perplexity on his face. “I admit I took a wrong turn. Unbeknown to me then, I followed an untruth staged by you and your kind. But, I should have trusted my brother, I should have realised it was not his way. He would never have done anything to offend God.”

“And therein lies the irony!” Samael stated, preparing for another attack. “We were sent to manipulate, yes. Why? Because He wanted you to believe Havel was tainted, He wished you to think that the sacrifice was real. He was rubbing His hands together waiting to see the outcome...”

"No!” Cain lunged but a stream of fire made him veer to the left.

Samael pursued him. When Cain slowed to a hover the angel faced him square on. “Listen to me, boy! When God looked upon this world he saw perfection; everyone acting so polite and proper, worshipping Him and all He had created. He loved them, fiercely, they were His new children after all. Until he became bored. He wanted to test them, to throw in bigger trials to measure how far they could be pressed. He loved testing them - like one studies rats in a maze, dotted with obstacles, waiting to see if they will succeed or fail.”

“No. This is treacherous talk, blasphemy, the likes of which resulted in you being cast out.” The enormous wings kept the flames at bay.

“You and your obsession over damn blasphemy! You disappoint me, Cain!”

“Then I am pleased I do so!” He slammed into Samael, raking him with his talons, the blood from the gashes suffocating the flames. Together they plummeted towards the moorland floor.

Twisting in the air, Samael caught sight of Becky staring upwards watching the scrap. A malevolent grin stretched his mouth. Summoning all his power he blasted Cain from his grip sending the vampire hurtling through the darkness. Then he turned and with malice aforethought, rocketed towards the woman.

He laughed at the look of fear on her face as she realised what was about to happen. She turned, panicked and started to run. There would be no escape though, he would make certain of that.

Cain righted himself just in time to see Samael starting his descent. His eyes caught Becky stumbling, running. With the fresh burns already healing, he folded his wings and powered towards the moorland. He had to stop Samael or reach Becky first.

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