Tides of Sorrow

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Late afternoon and Becky was showered and dressed. She now stood looking at herself in the dresser mirror wondering what to do for the best. Her fingers toyed with the little brochure and prices Tania had left for her. Should she stay longer or just go home? She wondered. A deep sigh left her mouth.

She started to apply some moisturiser as she deliberated. Considering her original impulse to stay was in the hope of meeting the ‘mysterious stranger’ who had stopped the theft of her bag, it seemed somewhat mute now that she had met him - and he’d left without so much as a goodbye. If that wasn’t final, she didn’t know what was. Then again, the circumstances were - highly unusual.

On with the eyeshadow and mascara next. He would need time to come to terms with changes in his life, she knew. That, and learn to accept the reason behind his being made a vampire which was so much more complex than he had first thought. He had been enticed, tricked, cajoled by so many from the outset.

She felt desperately sorry for him. It was more than that though - she was hopelessly drawn to him. Applying a little lip-balm she assessed the possibilities. None! And she knew it! There was absolutely no hope of there being anything between them.

She frowned at her reflection and tried to rationalise. He was a different species! He was continually evolving - although, perhaps now he had reached his peak. That said, it still didn’t detract from the facts - she was a mere talking monkey, he was a demi-god, more angel and vampire than he was ever human.

As she pursed her lips ensuring no smudges, her mind addressed another verisimilitude; what if she were like him? She stopped and took a good look at herself. What was she thinking? She had heard snippets that others had been driven mad from such a transition. But, perhaps they had not been willing?

She started tidying her little bottles and pallets, shaking her head at such preposterous thoughts.

He was excruciatingly lonely though... She glanced back at the mirror. So was she. And how was she meant to go back to her hum-drum life now after witnessing all that she had? Time being halted, people and things held in suspension, zooming across rooftops and fields in that arms of a supernatural being; vampires and Fallen Angels - for real!

Then there was fate to consider. Why had she even met Cain? Or Craig and Nick for that matter? Perhaps something about her mundane existence cried out to the cosmos for something new, something daring, something ‘more her’? She guffawed. Stupid!

Her breath caught in her throat as another possibility invaded her mind. Was she perhaps meant to end him? Put him out of his misery? How on earth was she meant to do that when powerful creatures like Fallen angels couldn’t? Was it down to trust? Something more, perhaps? Could their meeting have been fated to bring about an end or a beginning?

Her phone pinged. Brushing her fingers over the screen she saw Michael was back to bother her. She really didn’t need this.

It was then she decided she would stay for the whole week, if possible. Whatever had ordained this meeting of species and for why - she just had to know.

She was going to try and find out if anyone knew of the ruined mansion on the moors. She would go there and hopefully find Cain. Failing that, she would scan newspapers and the internet, looking for bizarre little stories which might pinpoint his location. If he was halfway across the world, she would somehow find him; she was determined.

With a new resolve now formulated she picked up her bag and headed out to start her search.

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