Between Me and Food

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I describe here in this blurb of an essay how I relate with food throughout my life. It talks about detail enough to make you keep reading but doesn't give enough detail to make your head explode of boredom. I hope you enjoy this essay created from a whim and a random prompt. :)

Terry C. Monroe
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I am here as a food critic as well as a critic of my relationship with food. Food is central to all lives, especially mine. I am quickly becoming vegan to protect the planet and avoid causing too much environmental damage. Beans and spice are especially nice, but I'll go with any sort of chili any day. I really like ice cream, but since I cannot, a coconut-milk equivalent will have to do.

Food can make me rage sometimes, like the fact that I will never again eat foods like shrimps and other seafood, which I find absolutely delicious. Desserts usually contain things that I won't eat, like eggs or heavy cream, so I have to find replacements, which, including cream-free hot cacao, are far inferior to the original. Usually, I will take my time to eat my food, then critique it for all I'm worth. I often find the stuff positive, rating it in the 80%-95% range, though sometimes it's not so good, rating in at 55%-70%. Usually, I'm willing to try new stuff, but I'll often order myself into a rut when presented with the chance. I guess I'm rather risk-averse, huh?

I don't want to talk about specific foods, but types of foods are a good idea. I really like falafel, for example, because it's sort of like a loot crate. Most of the time it's a mediocre but pretty good type of food. On the other hand, it can be really bad, or, more likely, really good. Similar is veggie subs. Most of the time, they are not bad, nor are they superlatively good. Still, the occasional veggie sub just doesn't hit the right variables and turns out awful.

I guess that's all I want to say today, so yeah, that's my relationship with food most of the time. There are a handful of exceptions, but it would be a redundancy to talk of them here. I guess I just need to wish you a great day now, right?

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