The others

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we are the others we like it not we are always broke and we meant to be broke and this is how we be. We have to have permission to leave This is about the social disadvantages of being in the system. Also about being ethnic and being different. There are many things describing what people with attitude mean and do to each other but this is what the others do. When did the others get born and when and where did they leave? What are they people or pets? The others were known as barbarians and now come down to be classed as the others, Have we fallen on evil days? Not at all we are the best of the others and we behave well and we mean well by everyone. And when did the others evolve? Get lost and shove it down somewhere else. What is the others we do not want to know.

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Chapter 1

What do the others look like? They look like suntanned version of the whites that is they sometimes have blue eyes and sometimes brown and sometimes grey. Somehow, they almost certainly are dark. They are sometimes referred to as barbarians or toadies it depends which side you are on. What else do they do? They dislike work that is their only thing and cannot get employment due to having low education and high esteem or low esteem whatever.

“So, what are the others?”

“They are people”.

“What type of people?”

“Thieves and bandits.”

When I went to have a check-up they made me say I am other.

“Did that make you want to scream or shout?”

“No, the hospital is also a mental hospital are you here for good or to go out again?”

“When this hospital phobia happened when did it happen?”

“It took place when I was interned there.”

“You were sectioned?”


“Why does it bother you now?”

“Most beastly place to be.”

“I found no solace or comfort and there was not much to do except do art and then the woman did not want the art work.”

“You mean the tutor?”

“Yes, she would make us do art and then I would have to place them in plastic bags. Most unfortunate thought they would rip apart.”

“What did she make art for then?”

“To leave the anger behind.!”

“Did she succeed?”

“I think I am now more mellow.”

“I am going to cut you short there the session must end due to time.”

“Of course, see you next time.”

“Next week at this time?”

“Of course.”

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