The beast upon

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Not really a story but info on ww2 but it does have some first-person bits in it. If you any idea to improve please tell me. When he came to power it all changed. The world would never be the same.

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The men who kicked us out of Dunkirk. The men who had done what should be impossible. The men who fight their allies. The men the world fears. The men people hate. The men we are forced to fight again. I fear it will be worse. As I look forward all I can see is a bleak, dark that future no one will escape.

The führer. He came to power in 1934

But in 1938 it started.

The annexation of Austria.

A demand of past German land.

Invasion of Czechoslovakia.

The alliance with Soviets. The war on Poland.

The killing and murdering of millions of Jews.

Again Europe was set a flame. Yet again the beast was upon us. The beast of war. Which spread to Africa. To the Americas. To Asia. To Oceania.

Denmark hours. Norway 62 days. France 42 days.

The Great Empire. The last one left. Britain alone in Europe.

Operation Sealion.

The invasion of England. The doom of the kingdom.

The dogfights across the channel kept the fascists at bay. The ships stopping the crafts from landing.

The führer gave up on the invasion of Britain and looked eastward.

Operation Barbarossa.

Three million men marched into the USSR storming everything in their path encircling the Soviet troops some seven hundred thousand at a time. The unstoppable force.

It wasn’t just the Reich. Japan was a foe that China had seen had full blast. The atrocities committed here you could say were worse than Germany. One such atrocity was the Nanjing massacre. Or the surprise attack on pearl harbour which leads to the USA declaration of war on Japan. Shortly after Germany declared war on America.

But now it's our turn the empire is coming. The liberation of France is near. Normandy is our landing point.

Onto the beach, we call Sword.

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