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Inside depression. Short story.

Letha Leigh
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Chapter 1

The storm wouldn’t pass. No matter how many days she waited, each day she still awoke with a sense of dread. A hole she could not fill. It was quite suffocating, to the point her whole body felt numb and she could barely move; however, it was as if she was just going through motions.

The girl still got up every day, going to work or class like she was supposed to. Lightly paying attention, the voices in her head drowning out everything in life. Each day was the same empty, hollow shell as the day before. She could no longer tell what her true self was like. No longer could she tell who she was.

Every now and then there were good moments, but the hole in her heart called her name in the midst of smiles. It dragged her down to the point where everything was blue again. What right did she have to be happy? After all, this guilty feeling was telling her she wasn’t worthy of smiles and laughter.
Oh but she was wonderful. Her smile contagious, her wits impeccable, her abilities endless. The possibilities of her going far in life were irreplaceable. But her life ended so soon, because the black hole in her head finally took her.

And she suffocated.

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