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Everyone likes video games....right? Well this lot do, and they've been given a gift, early access to the greatest gaming innovation since Pong, even if they didn't have a choice in the matter.......

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Chapter 1: Bandit Tea Party and the idiot child

Note: “Speech” and ‘Thoughts’

Calder’s P.O.V, Beginner Village, outskirts

I sigh looking out at the Horizon, it had been three days since my friends and I arrived here, all no memory about where we are or how we got her, hell we couldn’t even remember our real names, just what the system gave us; I am Calder Nikon a male LVL 4 Rune Knight. The System was that of an MMORPG, no one had any idea of why or just how it was possible, but they couldn’t deny what they’d been looking at and even using for the past three days. Thus far my friends and I had lived in this new world for those three days, Adjusting as it were, in truth we did it because they had no idea what else to do, we had done a few quests, levelled up, upgraded gear, all things we’d do in a normal MMORPG.

“There you are Senpai!” I turned my head slightly and saw a familiar face bobbing under her name

Maris Halkir

Human Female, LVL 3 Cleric

[No titles acquired]

I sigh, why she insisted on calling me Senpai I shall never know, we aren’t Japanese, but the titles held all the same, due to a period we went through, where we used Japanese honorifics.

“Oh…Maris, sorry if I worried everyone.”

Maris sighed. “Don’t worry, we all thought you’d come here.”

I smile, this spot was the place I’d spawned into this world, each of us arrived at a certain place near the beginner village, I didn’t know why, but I found myself coming back to the spot where I’d spawned into this world.

“How are the others coping?” I asked

Maris sighed again “Same as ever, confused, unsure and a little scared, but handling it well!”

I stretched and stood up.

“Well, guess you came to get me for a reason?” I asked

“Yup, Jarin wants us all to pick a new quest”

Jarin Zyke was someone I had known before all this; the entire group was my small circle of friends.

“Right! Gotta keep trying to Level up.” I said, as I began to return to the village

The village seemed to be in a boxed canyon of sorts, as there didn’t actually seem any to be any way out of it, aside from trying to climb. Jarin tried, but fell when he was half way up. he died, but luckily there was a respawn system, and woke up in the village church... he gave the priest quite the fright, though nobody believed him when he told them Jarin appeared from thin air.

“Ah there you two are!” I looked past Maris to see Elias.

Elias Ketcher

Human male, LVL 4 Duellist

[No titles acquired]

“Oh Elias, didn’t think you’d come and get me as well.” I remarked

Elias chuckled. “Well someone’s gotta make sure you two don’t run off into the bushes.”

Maris glared at the remark, I simply sighed.

“Alright let’s get back, don’t want Jarin throwing a fit do we?” I asked

Both of them chuckled, Jarin had been a bit crazed by this whole thing, and even after they’d come to terms he seemed on edge.

Beginner Village

I ambled along, my arms slung over my glaive as we walked into the village. This place had been their home for the past three days; the people were nice……. though a little paranoid of the armed guests they were entertaining. My Glaive was a quest reward for helping the Blacksmith gather up materials, however I was the only one to do it because no one wanted to do a fetch quest.

“Ugh, how long are you gonna show off that Glaive?” Elias asked as they walked towards the town hall, where the others were waiting at the quest board.

“As long as I feel like it.” I spoke with a smug grin. So far I was the only one to get a decent weapon from a quest. I brought up its status again to admire it once more

Well-forged Glaive

Base Attack: 20-35 + 10 (Well-forged status)

Runes: lightning (lvl 3)

Attack type: Slash, thrust

Description: A standard Glaive, nothing too special about it, aside from the quality craftsman ship that has gone into it. Has been engraved with magic runes by a Rune Knight

They got closer to the Town hall and saw Jarin pacing back and forth, with the others nearby.

“There you are, took you long enough!”

Jarin sounded like he was on edge, but he seemed like he was for the time they were there.

“Chill out man, world won’t end if were a bit late, besides it not like you’re in charge.” I dismissed

Jarin glared at my comment, but I was right, there was no designated leader of the group, Jarin just wanted them to level up faster so they could get out of the beginner village, as there was no apparent way out.

“Whatever, let’s just get this done”

I took this chance to look at the Info of the rest of the group.

Jarin Zyke

Human Male, LVL 5: Paladin

[No titles acquired]

Cecil Otris

Human Male, LVL 4: Spellsword

[No titles acquired]

Numir Calik

Human Male, LVL 3: Jester

[No titles acquired]

We all walked into the Town hall which was oddly quiet, usually it was bustling with people coming and going, shop keeps arranging shipments and such, we tried to ask where the supplies come from but they simply give us a blank stare and then laugh stating ‘you’ve got to be joking…right?’

“Only one job left….the bandit one.” I sigh, they’d all tried the Bandit one before, they had to clear out a Bandit camp in the nearby forest, that was the only job they failed, in fact they all died doing it, it was at this time however I then received a quest.

Quest Received: Defend the town from marauding Bandits

Required: Defeat or push back all bandits

Optional: Make sure no more than fifty villagers die: 48/50 villagers left.

Optional: Find out who is leading the Bandits.

Optional: Defeat the Leader.

Rewards: 10,000 EXP, [???] Gold, Random equipment x2

“Um…guys did you just get the…”

“Quest to defend the village, yup.”

Jarin had already accepted, after all it reward 10,000 EXP, and I only needed 5,000 to reach level 5, plus Numir and Maris would level up a bit too. The doors to the outside were flung open and a VERY panicked Village elder entered.

“Please my lords’ help us, Bandits are attacking!” I decided it was time to put on a show.

“We shall do what we can, try and get as many people into the town hall!” the Elder smiled.

“Thank you.”

Cecil then grumbled. “We better get paid for this…”

I turned to him. “Do you not feel doing this is the right thing?”

Cecil then raised his voice. “Screw the right thing, I just wanna get paid!”

With a loud *ping*, the title above Cecil's head suddenly changed


Cecil’s eyes lit up.

“Hey I got a title!” he exclaimed

I noticed that the number of villagers left decreased.

“Shit! People are dying! Worry about that later, we need to move!” All nodded, and rushed out to face the bandits.

Beginner village, Town square.

“Slaughter dem’ all, and take anything of value!” a rather big bandit hollered to the others, a small group of Militia defenders stood trying to fend off the bandits, however they weren’t doing all that well, pitchforks and farming tools against swords and spears. It was easy to guess who would win without someone helping the militia.

Seeing this, I rushed in and spun my glaive around hitting three of the bandits that were approaching the Militia.

(PR.N.- ………wow……….. weak bandits.)

“Group heal!” Maris, being a cleric, healed the Militia; there was a slight murmur among them, as they seemed to have been rallied by the healing spell. I counted only about twenty militia, the bandits numbered about fifty, keeping them safe wouldn’t be easy. I turned to the bandits, they were all LVL 2, fighting LVL 1 Militia.

(PR.N.-REALLY weak bandits.)

I rushed forward with Elias and Cecil at my back.

The fight carried on for a while as the Bandits tried to hold us off, I slashed left and right, spinning my Glaive around, and watching as each hit decreased the enemies HP.

“AHAHA, where do you think you’re running off to?” I turned to see Cecil, blocking off the Bandits retreat as another title then appeared above his head. Ruthless, he probably didn’t notice as he continued to slaughter any who were foolish enough to come close. They may not have been used to this world, but their levels meant that killing low levelled enemies like these bandits was easy.

A small movement in the corner of my eye drew my attention to a bandit already swinging his sword at me, already too late to react to. I would've taken the hit if it weren't for Elias catching the opponent’s blade on that knife of his and forcing the strike away from both of us before retaliating with his rapier

"I got your back, man." he said.

We're all interrupted by a loud voice shouting over the din raised by the fight.

“How are you idiots this bloody inept, Uggghhh guess I have to do it all myself!” I turn to see a large man approaching us a Halberd slung over his shoulder; his info was a little unsettling.


Human Male, LVL 7: Bandit chief

[Ruthless] [Murderer] [Cruel]

Upon seeing him, my HUD lit up as a message appeared.

Optional: Discover who the Bandit Leader is: Complete.

I turned my head to Jarin. “You see that level?”

He creepily smiled and said. “The higher the level the better the drops!” he rushed forward sword raised, Jarin fought with a large heater shield and longsword; Standard fare for a Paladin.

He clashed with the Bandit who was incredibly surprised.

“Y-You, I thought you were dead!”

Jarin smirked. “Takes more than that to kill me.”

I noticed two titles appeared above Jarin, Cocky and Battle hungry. This was strange, for three days they had fought and lived, yet only now they were gaining titles, I rubbed my chin ‘Strange’ it was then that I got a notification.

Optional: Assist the Militia

I turned towards the twenty Militia men, who were doing their best to hold of the remaining bandits.

“No…Not yet…I…Can still….ugh” one of the Militia fell, and another voice cut into the air.

“DAD!” a young boy then burst from a nearby building towards the fallen Militiaman, I wasn’t sure why but seeing that, stirred something within me, I rushed over and impaled the Bandit who killed the Militiaman, I turned towards the child.

“Get out of here now!” I shouted as the boy looked up at me tears welling in his eyes.

“B-but I wanna…” he started as I growled at him.

“Run now, don’t join your father in the Grave; now MOVE!” I shouted at the kid who flinched, before standing up and running back to the building he came from, I sighed, I didn't want to do that, but the last thing I wanted was to see a kid die, two titles then popped up in-front of me. Cold LVL 1 and Kind LVL 1 I dismissed them; I had no time to read what they did. I turned my attention to the Bandit who now surrounded me and smiled, they’d just made a big mistake.

Lighting Fang

Lighting Fang: Raises base attack by +15 provides lighting damage bonus, has a 50% chance to stun the enemy.

My Glaive's rune lit up and the blade began to crackle with unfettered lighting, my Class the rune knight mainly augmented its weapons and armour with magic, I spun my Glaive in my hand.

“Alright who wants some?”

Several bandits exchanged a glance and charged, there was a flash as I swung my glaive, the smell of charred flesh filled my nose as the bandits fell, Lighting Fang, augmenting my equipped weapon with a lighting affinity and gives an attack boost of +15 bringing my base attack with Lighting fang activated to 30-50.

Simply put, these bandits didn't have a chance. In less than a minute my Glaive had brought down all of the Bandits around me.

I received a Pop-up: The Militia morale has increased due to Calder Nikon’s attacks

I raised my eyebrow ‘What is with the sudden Dynasty warrior’s battle update?'

I shook my head to clear it; no time to worry about it, they were almost done. all that was left was the leader and his retinue as well as a few stragglers, I looked towards Jarin, who was still clashing with the Chief, Maris was off to the side casting support spells, Elias and Numir were assisting the Militia in chasing remaining Bandits, while Cecil stood blocking the only way out of town, I rushed towards Jarin intending to assist.

I drank several potions on my Hot-bar, one health and two manna potions, the taste in my mouth was foul, using the hot-bar for consuming items still left the taste of said item in the mouth.

Lighting Fang, Thunder Strike” I cast.

My Glaive lit up like a Christmas tree as power gathered, Thunder Strike was an offensive spell.

Thunder strike: A bolt of lightning shoots forth, from the casters weapon or hand, 50% Chance to stun.

The lightning bolt landed dead smack on the Bandits chest, causing him to step back. Jarin took this chance to use one of his Paladin skills.

Holy Smite” Jarin heaved his arm back and swung causing the Bandit HP bar to deplete to a quarter, I took this chance and rushed forward casting Swift step to make me fast and thrusted my Glaive into the Bandit chief finishing off the last bit of his HP. The Victory screen then popped up.


Quest Complete: Defeat the Marauding Bandits

Required: Defeat or pushed back all the bandits: Complete.

Optional: insure no more the fifty Villagers die: Complete.

Optional: Assist the Militia: Complete.

Optional: Discover the Bandit leader: Complete.

Optional: Defeat the Leader: Complete.

Rewards: 13,500 EXP, 450 Gold coins,

Equipment: Light plate mail, Lightning spell book.

Battle results: Complete Victory.

Rewards: 950 EXP, 100 Gold coins

Level up: 5

Level up: 6

I sighed, a smile on my face as the Bandits fled from the village, I turned to see the Militia both celebrating their victory, and morning their dead. The group met up.

“Okay quest complete, good job guys” I sighed, looking at the dead.


“Why ya’ so down Cal? We won” I grunted in reply to the question as the village elder approached us, a sad, yet happy smile on his face.

“I thank you all for the service you have given, if not for you we may have lost everything we hold dear.” Cecil interrupted his praise.

“Yea, Yea, Yea we get it, let’s talk reward!”

“Cecil!” Maris spoke with evident displeasure.

“What, we saved their lives, the least they can do is paying us something for the trouble.”

“No they don’t, please don’t listen to him, he is just being greedy!” A title then appeared above Maris, Kind, speaking of which, I opened my menus and check my titles.

Kind: Bonus to conversation with people of the good or neutral alignment + easier relationship gain with the people of said alignments, bonus to HP and Defence

Cold: Relationships take longer to develop with NPC’s, Bonus to Resistance and Defence

I sighed, trust me to get the one bonus that makes talking to people difficult. I zoned out not really paying attention to the argument that Maris and Cecil were having, when I felt a tug on my arm. I looked down to see, the boy from earlier was staring up at me.

“Oh…hey.” his cheeks were tear stained.

“You…you were the one who killed the bad guys who killed my daddy, aren’t you?” I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck.

“Uh….yea, that, that was me” I found it hard to talk to children, for some reason they just made me choke up on my words……… maybe I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and ruin a childhood.

LVL up: Kind LVL 2: Bonus to conversation increased

“Um…I-I just wanted to say thank you, I know you told me to run so I didn’t get hurt.” he began to choke up again, I couldn’t stand seeing children cry, I reached my hand down and tussled his hair.

“Don’t worry about it kid, and I’m sorry I couldn’t save your dad.” the boy looked up at me his eyes gone from sad to hopeful.

“I wanna grow up to be like you, that way I can fight the bandits off when they come round again.” I smile, something about this kid, I knelt down.

“Close your eyes and hold out your hands” he complied, as I unequipped my Glaive and placed it in his hands.

(PR.N.-NOOOOOOO not the glaive! Sure give a small child give a pointy weapon.)

LVL up: Kind LVL 3: Bonus to relationship gain increased

He opened his eyes and upon seeing the glaive his eyes widened and a smile grew across his face as he looked up at me.

“Go on, run along now” He nodded.

“Thanks mister!” he ran off towards who I assumed was his mother, mourning her fallen husband, she looked down at her son and then over to me and sent me a smile, and unspoken words of thanks for cheering up her son.

(PR.N- Seriously the mother is alright with her child with a weapon?!?!?!)

“Waste of a good weapon.” Jarin spoke to me looking at what I had done.

“Eh, he needed it more than I did.”

“Regardless, still a waste of a good weapon.” I sighed titling my head towards Jarin and mouthed the words, whatever.

Sometime later, Beginner village outskirts

I smiled looking out at the horizon as the others sat nearby, we had gathered on a hill just outside of town to review what they were going to do, as when we drove the bandits out of town the quest to destroy their camp was no longer available.

“Well what are we gonna do?” Cecil queried.

“Who knows…”Jarin spoke sounding rather down, he seemed disheartened when there were no more quests, they could still grind monsters, but the EXP you got would drop with each level up, as a matter of fact, everyone seemed down by the fact that nothing happened when they completed the quest. I shifted on the spot; I had changed into my newly acquired armour meaning there was a slight scrape when I moved as metal plates moved over one another. I sighed these guys needed cheering up, guess I had to try.

“It’s doesn’t matter what we do, just you guys wait, we’ll figure out how to get out of here, and then…well we can do anything, what were we in our old world? Nerds, outcasts, that sort of thing…but here, we can be whatever we want to be, we could be kings, we could be masters, anything we desire is ours for the taking in this new world!” The others seemed to perk up at my little speech; however I then noticed I had gained a third title

Ambitious LVL 1, I smiled as it came up; the smile vanished when I hear a voice, monotone, abrupt and jagged. It had no clear gender almost as if it was completely synthesized.

Titles acquired, beginning phase……….complete, transferring to game world

Author-sama: Blackiechan13

Proof Reader-san: FJirum

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