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"Life's sweetness has it's sour limes, we've all been through these a dozen times.." A collection of poems I wrote, talking about life, and the little things, mythical beasts and unseen strings.. the darkness and the light laughter brings.. Behold my playful tales, of a world within my heart and mind, Let your imagination unfurl those adventurous sails. And meet me flying through those same gales.

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Sweet song

What if..
We were God’s favorite song..?
A sweet fragrance that
Lasted so long..?
Like waves on the shore
We sparkled against the sun..
What if..
We were a dream..
That He’d begun..?
Sour lemons..
Bitter beans..
A bit of both, sour cream
Regardless of the flavor...
The lyrics are being sung
Ever changing,
Yet constant
Like the sun..
Under rolling hills..
Spring had begun...
Just what if..
We were God’s favorite sweet song..?

By: Marie E. Rayanoshana
{ This is a dedication and response to Minnoa poem “simple thoughts”}

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