Life's sweet Taste

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Sweet Tears..Bitter Happiness..

Sweet tears.. bitter happiness..
what lo in this horrid world shall we find?

An unhappiness so profound, it’s not just of any kind.

Where the wind holds no power,
and the sun’s so bright..
That it melts the eyes of all those who go so near..

A wall ever rising.. from unspoken words.. that have yet to break away from this concrete wall..

When rain tastes so sweet as it compliments unseen tears..

When the tears of joy ever taste so bitter beneath the smile that silently weeps..

Of a voice that yearns to scream and shout for a hero that will never ever come..

To this poor unfortunate soul.. What has she become?

An empty hollowed out shell that sees no light..

But what is this ghostly beating within this empty shell’s chest...?

A heart beat so weak it’s hard to identify..

Nearly inaudible to all those passers by.. save for the ones who have heard this silent plea and cry once before..

Sweet tears... bitter happiness..
What lo shall we find..?

An unhappiness so profound it is unlike any kind..

But within this mask of happiness..And empty eyes..

Beats a heart that cries..

For it believes in wishes and dreams and hope of a long lost kind..

The kinds of dreams that leave you thirsty and blind..

The Dream of dreams..
So unlike that of any of a kind.

A heart so sad yet so full..
Of a lifetime..That to oneself would bind..

Sweet tears.. and bitter happiness..
What lo in this world shall we find..?

A conquered unhappiness and dreams.. of so many kinds..

By: M.E.

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