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Riddle Me This

Riddle me this
So lost in rhyme-
My mind did wonder into another endless time.

Down a hole I did find
An emptiness I did ponder
Without a light-so blind.

I’m a face that has three hands
I’m broken but can still tell time,
Twice a day I’m right then all other times I’m as dumb as a dime.

Riddle me this
Where all stand still

I’m ageless as the sea
An existence so free.
Nothing else could ever define
“Just me.”

I break through mountains tall,
I erode modern cities,
I watch them crumble and fall.
I overtake forests, bugs, woods, animals and all.

I’m neither living nor dead,
But I hear your every waking call

Riddle me this,
where time stands still.
I’m as silky as desert sand
To be none existent is my will.

Yet I’ll always be there
No one has ever seen me
But just to be fair,
I’m the confidence of all
basking under the sun’s glare.

When the midnight’s clock churns,
You’d have to wait another day’s toil and fare.

To see me yet again,
Escape through your fingers,
Holding your hopes and dreams
For another traveling dare.

What am I?

The answer exists in this rhyme
Living in a temporarily stagnant time.

Riddle me this,
Gave up already?

Guess this broken clock,
Has run out of time already

So until tomorrow,
Shall we all make merry.

By: Marie E. Rayanoshana

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