Life's sweet Taste

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Time time time

It feels like everything is slipping through my fingers like water and time

Here sitting at the office I can’t help but write this rhyme

All the frustrations and sadness amiss

All these angry frustrated feelings I can’t suppress

I’m going to explode.

With the days and the nights growing longer and shorter with each passing season

The worlds ability to accept reason

Has turned to be viewed as treason for every season.

Countries are at war over petty things-misunderstandings and greed

Is what sprouting through this hateful seed

Time and time again, we watch the stars trying to figure out what we are up against

Are we alone?
Of course not
But that’s not how we all feel isn’t it?

Burning with a rage so hot
In more ways than one, here we fester and rot

Water is like time, and time is like water

It slips through your fingers..
It’s liquid form can pass through the ages-piercing rock and growing sages

Sage.. Has always been known for it’s healing and protection you see
But it’s a herb that at this time won’t even save me

All the nightmares and the fright..
All the wishful thinkings of taking flight

A trapped bird within it’s cage-
Safe from harm you may think.
But harm comes to it from the Inside
There is no need to make an outside link.

For with the weather comes change
With every season comes times ticking cage

My heart is stabbed with the piercing rage..

I lost it yesterday- completely lost it..

I hurt the ones I loved most-
All because I put duty over my homeward bound post

How much can I take?
All this hurt just reverberates

I know I just have to carry on-
For with time it just can’t last so long
To prolong

This seemingly endless rest
Would be certainly a fatal test

For time comes with age
And an aging soul..

Well I’ll just stop there.
All this time and time alone

I will fight against till my time is done.

Dearest Time, bring it on.

With a humble heart I shall accept you slipping through my fingers like water

But water in itself can be frozen
So with these photographs I take with my mind and heart

I shall freeze and stop time even if we’re miles apart

The memory of a long love a long time lost

The dream of reaching the peak before the everfrost

I will make it and I will survive

Time my friend
We shall work together
Time and time again

By: Marie E.

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