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Ideas and thoughts of enlightenment. Ideas and thoughts of enlightenment.

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Chapter 1

I realized something today…I do the complete opposite thing that Jack Black does in Shallow Hal. I see the deeper meaning in people (their true selves) before I see their physical exteriors. 99% of the people out there see the exterior first. They are focused on visuals: how physically beautiful someone is, their clothes, their material things. I see the opposite. Should I flip the way I’m thinking? I guess I sort of have. I’ve been changing up the way I dress. Only a few weeks ago I used to be okay wearing work out clothes to work but now I despise that. But why? Does my exterior match my interior now? I don’t know but I kind of like it. Yesterday I went into the studio to oversee a new episode for our show was being shot. As I entered I noticed after each person I passed they seemed to be scared of me. I didn’t walk in with a negative presence - I was actually pretty positive. I said hi to people, I smiled, and yet still the looks on most of their faces was interest but all also a bit of fear. I felt powerful which was quite interesting. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, I was wearing jeans, flats, a t-shirt and a hat. Maybe those people are somehow sensing that I have power as far as status. It was a weird enlightening moment. Maybe the completion of the thing I’ve been asking for all along, a voice. =)

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