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My ears and tail go down and I start to cry.The hunter points the gun at me. I stand frozen, my mom starts to yell at me " VIOLET MOVE NOW"........... This story is about a half human half wolf girl who can change into almost anything, she may seem all sweet and cute, but she has a bad side, when she was in the forest with her family a hunter killed them, that's when IT happened, her eyes represent her emotions, she meets a tall boy the same age as her and they bond, until Serena comes along, then she meets kai, she is trying to try new things, and is trying to control it, but its hard when everyone wants to kill her kind, she is the last of her kind, will she be captured or will she die, or will she find the love of her life, or will IT take over?

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How IT Happened

My ears and tail go down and I start to cry. The hunter points the gun at me. I stand frozen, my mom starts to yell at me " VIOLET MOVE NOW” I hear her but still stand frozen, I close my eyes, the hunter shoots, but I feel nothing and I hear a loud yelp, I open my eyes, and see her lying there.With my bare eyes I saw my moms dead body. My eyes flashed red, I see my dad trying to kill the hunter, I hear the hunter pull out a knife, my ears go up. ” DAD WATCH OUT THE HUN-” I yell, But before I could finish my dad gets his stomach cut open.

My eyes flash red again, I see my older brother get cut on the side of his right leg with the same knife that killed my dad. Everything goes black, my eyes turn dark red, I stand up, my nails get longer, thinker, and bigger, I look at the hunter, I growl loudly, I lose control of my body, my body separates my good side, and my evil side, but my evil side can control my body, while my good side cant,I teleport to the hunter, and I bite his head off, and eat his body like I haven’t eaten in forever.

My good side falls into a white room with a big screen in front of me, the screen showed what my eyes see. I turned into a wolf, I teleport to a school with little kids. I walk to a little girl, and say in a evil voice while I smiling creepily “ALL HUMANS MUST DIE.” I pick up a little girl by the neck, and eat her. “STOP PLEASE” I yell inside the room even though no one can hear me. I eat two more kids, the teacher hits me with a chair, I look at him, then I heal myself, and I picked him up by the neck ate him, then I used dark magic and killed everyone else and ate them. I teleported to the forest, my bad side and good side started to feel dizzy,we both faint.

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