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Have you ever unravelled the secrets of a bad boy? Have you ever pretend to be his? Well, Ava did and now she's stuck in a world she doesn't recognise with people she hates. Will her world come crashing down? Or will it become brighter with him in her life? Meet Hunter Black, he is the bad boy of the school. Not only is he the bad boy but, he's the biggest player. He plays with girls as if they're dolls, he plays with their feelings and their life's. No one says no to the bad boy. But, everyone has their dark secrets. Now meet Ava Darling, she's a nerd. She's invisible to most people. She's watched Hunter play his games and it makes her sick to her stomach. Now it's her last year of sixth form and she just wants to get out of this hell hole, more commonly know as school. However, humiliation strikes as she is pranked by the girl she hates the most, Jessica. Broken, she's no longer invisible to the world. When trouble comes knocking at her door she slams the door in his face. What will happen when their two worlds collide and buried secrets are revealed. Find out in His Nerd. =============================================== Warning there will be mild language and typical eye rolling moments, this is warning to all who read.

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Chapter 1

Do you ever have those days where you just don't want to even get out of bed? Yeah, today is one of those days. I groan and roll over looking at my alarm clock. It has already gone off twice but, I've snoozed it which isn't the best of plans either, however, I'm only ten minutes late. Lucky me.

Crawling out of bed I make my way to the bathroom across the hall. Scrubbing my teeth and doing my business I walk out and head back to my room to get changed. Throwing on a pair of jeans and an oversized top, and when I say oversized I mean two sizes too big for my petite figure. I grab my ugly pair of big black-rimmed glasses and brush my excuse of hair into a loose ponytail on top of my head.

It was the start of my final year of the sixth form, a new year and boy I was just dreading it. I may be a nerd and all but, even I hate the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to learn. I grab my bag and head down to the kitchen. All the lights are off and I can see a note on the fridge through the light that manages to break through the blinds.

I sigh as I read the note.

Working double shift, there's food in the fridge, you'll have to make it yourself.

Mum x

Walking over to the fridge I pull it open, the cool air blasts across my face, even though it's still quite warm out it brings goosebumps to my skin. Again I sigh as nothing takes my fancy. Shutting the fridge, I grab an apple from the side before I make my way out the door.

Don't get me wrong this is a normal routine or at least it was, with the summer break over I needed to get back into the swing of things. It's only me and my mum now and she has to take extra shifts to be able to provide for us, we even had to downsize from our lovely home because we couldn't afford to pay the mortgage. She works as a nurse and her pay isn't exactly high, it wouldn't be, they are understaffed and underfunded. My dad died in a car crash two years ago, he was hit by a drunk driver that swerved and collided into him, he was instantly killed whereas the drunk driver walked away with just a few bruises.

Even though he's gone I still miss him loads. I was definitely a daddy's girl. I feel my eyes well up with tears but I push them away as I don't want to cry on my first day back. I shake the thought away as I carry on walking to school.

When I reach the school's gates I notice all the cars and people that have gathered to catch up after the holidays. The school may be a public one but, there was still a lot of people here that had a lot of money and weren't afraid to show off. I walk with my head down and making sure no one notices me, I slip into the school and walk towards my locker at the end of the corridor. If you haven't already noticed I'm the girl that likes to be invisible, the one people overlook. The world gives me the gift of invisibility and I'd be a fool not to take advantage of it right?

My locker is right at the far end of the hall and so no one notices when I am there, a bonus for me. Walking towards it I find a blonde-haired girl waiting, I smile, this is my only friend, Lily. Let's do the introductions, shall we? Lily has been my best friend since I was little, we met when we both discovered our hatred for this horrible girl called Jessica and we shared a packet of sweet together. We may have only been five but who cares? Lily is stunning. She has blonde curly hair that falls down to the middle of her back, she has bright blue eyes that catch the attention of most. She's 5"6 with super long legs that girls envy and she has naturally tanned skin. All in all, she's what most boys want.

It's funny to think that I don't get noticed when I'm with her but, if you've ever seen The Duff you'd understand how easily ignored I am.

"Hey bitch, how was your holiday?"

I smile at the way she greets me before replying.

"You know me I was very productive and managed to eat all the ice cream and watch loads on Netflix."

"I noticed."

Now if you're wondering how I manage to pay for Netflix I don't. Lily, my babe, lets me use her account. Her parents are quite rich, they own an Italian restaurant and it's amazing! If you could try it then you'd understand.

I smile at her as I take out my books, Lily's on her phone texting away like a maniac the tapping of her nails on the screen is somehow calming. It's hard to think that we're so close when we come from very different worlds if you like.

I'm brought away from my thoughts when Lily slaps me on the shoulder, I roll my eyes and wonder if she's broken her nail with the force of that blow. I turn around and there they were. The three Sex-gods. The Three Musketeers. The whole hall has gone silent and students part like the red sea to let them through as they watch them walk down the hall, girls are batting their eyes, while boys glare at them because they want to be them. I roll my eyes, sure they are fricking hot don't get me wrong but, they are players, fuckboys, excuse my ⁹French. They hump and dump. Fuck and chuck. Nab and shag. Sometimes it's for fun others it's a game or a bet but either way, it's meaningless to them.

The leader of the group and sexiest, in my opinion, is Hunter Black. He's six foot and is made of pure muscle. Not the gross bulky stuff you see more like the kind you see on models and really hot people. His hair is a dark brown almost black and his eyes are the colour of the forest. A dazzling emerald green. He is the ultimate Sex-god. He is dreamy and drool worthy the downside is he has slept with nearly every girl in the school, and he's never with the same girl twice. Except for that bitch Jessica.

Then there's his best mate, Liam Thorn. He is also six foot tall, he has blonde hair and blue eyes and he is hot. He's a swimmer with a gorgeous body but he's not as much as a fuck boy as Hunter and not as hot, in my opinion, he has been known for having a girlfriend from time to time which to me screams cute and I think the others could learn a thing or two from him.

Lastly, there's Declan Reed, with black hair and standing just slightly taller than six foot. He also has blue eyes. Declan is not only known for being a fuckboy but, a prankster as well which is weird because if you saw him you wouldn't think he had a sense of humour. He hasn't been with Hunter and Liam that long maybe about three or four years but he sure as hell fits in.

Oh, and did I mention that all these boys are rich? Like ridiculous rich, they could properly buy the school if they wanted to and no one would stop them.

So, there you have it, these three boys basically run the school.

I turn away from them as they walk past and keep my head down. I like being invisible, I just don't like attention. I groan as the bell goes off and Lily and I make our way to our first class, maths.

* * *

Walking out of the class and carefully walking around other students I start to complain to Lily about the school.

"It's torture! Do they really expect us to do maths on a Monday morning?"

Lily just giggles and shakes her head at my foolish outcries.

"Well, they must really hate us this year."

She has a sarcastic tone and I turn to glare at her before we both burst into fits of laughter. I'm not bad at maths no, I just hate the subject. I don't even know why I chose it as an A-level, it's pointless and when will I ever get asked to work out algebra or circle theorems? The answer is I will not ever!

Lily and I are walking to our next class dodging people and ignoring the shouts from students and teachers when some guy pops up in front of us out of nowhere. He barges his way through us nearly knocking me over and scattering my books.

"Sorry gorgeous."

He says with a wink in my directions before he's lost in the sea of students. I stand there shocked. Some guy and a hot guy at that called me gorgeous and winked at me! Someone noticed me! I feel my cheeks go a deep shade of red before I shove my head down and carry on walking embarrassed by the whole fiasco.

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