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Chapter 10

Walking down the halls as one of the most noticed girls you would think is amazing, as its most girls' dreams, it just so happens that it is not my dream. It was lunch now and I've had girls come up to me telling me all sorts of things about Hunter. That Hunter's their boyfriend and I should back off. Or that I was a nobody that didn't deserve such an amazing boy that was ever to grace the Earth. In my opinion, they were all jealous and just wanted to sleep with my 'boyfriend'. I didn't actually care if they did or didn't because I wasn't interested in him. I was doing this deal for such a stupid reason, a petty reason. All because a boy made me feel like an idiot but, I wanted him to feel like an idiot for what he did to me.

Some of the things the girls have said to me has hurt me slightly. You can imagine as I've never really been picked on or had people say such horrible things to me. I didn't care what they said about Hunter. However, it bothered me when they called me names, like a 'slut' or 'Hunters little whore'.

It isn't easy to fake such a thing like this and I was having second thoughts but, if I did back out now I couldn't go back to who I was as I've already been noticed.

Shaking all these thoughts from my head I carried on walking to the canteen. Noticing all the gum and scuff marks on the floor made me wonder. Now you may think, what I weirdo she's looking at the floor. I just couldn't help myself the gum on the floor had worn away and the gum had become part of the floor. It was weird that something that doesn't belong fits in.

I'm pulled rudely from my thoughts when I am grabbed by the same guy who embarrassed me. He had raged in his eyes that burnt like hell. I could tell he was pissed. His bone like fingers gripped into my arm even more and I could feel the bruising already forming on my arm. He shoved me roughly into a locker causing me to whimper out in pain.

"Well don't you just clean up nicely." He practically spits in my face, I say nothing as I could feel the tears bubbling in my eyes ready spill out. Drew's face was livid and I was scared for my life. I wasn't that strong but, my muscles were paralysed in fear so it wouldn't have made any difference. His eyes were raking over the body. I felt disgusted as he did this. He reached his free hand and smacked me right across my face. The force of the blow sent me sideways and I fall as a result of it. He stood and laughed at me before lifting me up and punching me in the face. I cried out as I fall to the floor again. He stood over me laughing as I cried and blood fell from my cheek. He kicked me in the stomach and all the air was knocked out of me. I could feel my eyes slowly closing as I drifted out of it. I felt another blow to my stomach. I heard shouting in the distance and I no longer felt Drew standing over me. His manic laughing had soon died out and was replaced with grunts.

I opened my eyes to see The Three Musketeers beating him up. Liam came over to me and I saw his lips moving but no words were coming out. He was becoming blurry as he rushed back to Hunter. His eyes were as cold as ice but, he left Drew and picked me up before walking somewhere. That's all I remember before darkness engulfed me.

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