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Chapter 11

So, you guys are probably wondering if I'm okay and if I'm dead or if I survived the horrible accident! Haha, I'm fine. It'd been a couple of days since Drew beat me up. From being filled in by Liam, apparently, after I had passed out, Hunter had taken me to the nurse's office where my mother had been called, which turned out to be convenient since she herself was a nurse. When I'd asked Liam where Hunter was, he surprised me by avoiding eye contact and has informed me he was busy 'taking care of things'.

Now it was the weekend and I was sat lounging in my room, a warm, oversized sweater on and a cup of steaming tea in hand. My hair was tied in a messy bun which I hadn't at all bothered to brush. My glasses sat at the tip of my nose and I pushed them back. To say my mother was angry about what had happened with Drew was an understatement. She was fuming and vexed beyond words. She had been shouting and demanding that Drew is expelled from the school for such violence. I smiled as I faintly remember hearing her shouting at the headteacher before storming out.

My mother and I may not be able to hang out as much as I wanted but, she cared for me deeply and was there when I needed her. She had thanked Hunter, Liam and Declan for helping me out.

I gulped down my last drop of tea and put the cup down. I had my Spotify playlist playing while I danced and did homework. Going down to get myself a snack, I grabbed my empty tea mug and jumped down the stairs two at a time.

As I headed my way back up the stairs with snacks in hand, you can imagine my surprise when I heard the doorbell go. I was already halfway up the stairs and was in no mood to climb down. I did anyway. It might be important, I swing the door open and gasp.

My food fell to the floor as I stared at the person in front of me. Hunter. He was wearing his usual scowl and his eyes were still cold. Well, wasn't I lucky to have him as a 'boyfriend'? No, no I wasn't. I didn't get the chance to invite him, in before he barged past me and walked up the stairs to my room. I stood there completely shocked and at a loss for words. I was regretting agreeing to this stupid deal. Why did I agree to it? I hated the boy. It wasn't like this was benefiting me in any way; all it was doing was making people hate me. He was the one that was benefiting from this because he was the one who wanted tutoring. The one who proposed this idea, the one who wanted to get back at Drew and Jessica for his own reasons.

Slowly closing the door and grabbing my snacks form the floor, I made my way up slowly making sure I kept a listen out in case Hunter was doing something he shouldn't be. Upon walking up to my door, I noticed just how battered our house was. There were scuff marks over the hardwood floor, the doors had marks all over them from when I was little and I used to draw on them. I smiled at the memory of me drawing on the door to the bathroom and my dad coming and chasing a giggling little Ava down the halls. I missed him a lot and I thought about him loads but, it was painful and it made my heartache.

Shaking away the unwanted feelings of sadness, I walked into my room to find Hunter on my bed. He had the books spread over it and was looking at them expectantly. Without giving him a second glance I walked to my desk and grabbed my notes.

Walking back to where he sat, I plonked all my notes down and sat awkwardly. Even though we were meant to be dating, I didn't know anything about him. "Hunter?" He didn't say anything— he just stared into oblivion. I sighed and reached over and placed my hand on his. He flinched and shoved me away. A thunderous look etched upon his face as he stared down at me. If looks could kill I'd be six feet under right now. His face was still cold, warning me to stay away. I didn't. I pushed him. "Hunter, what's wrong?" His piercing gaze stared into my eyes, boring down to my very soul.

"Just stay out of it Ava, you don't know anything. It's none of your fucking business." Completely shocked by his words I stared dumbfounded at him before he grabbed his stuff. "I knew I shouldn't have come here," he mumbled, and stormed out of my room, slamming the door on his way out. I sat and listened to his car drive off away from my house. So much for being a tutor.

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