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Chapter 12

A week has passed since Hunter was in my room telling me to stay out of his life. As much as I wanted to I couldn't, my curiosity had got the better of me. Every day while we were at school I tried to talk to him about it but, he always ignored me or found a way to change the subject.

The school was still a big change I had yet to get used to. I saw peoples gaze follow me all the time. I had learned to just try to ignore them. The keyword there being 'try', it was harder than I thought it would be. Jessica was being as relentless as usual more so since it was made known to the whole school I was 'dating' Hunter. Most people had just given up trying to get us to break up but not Jessica. She was always finding new ways to humiliate me and every time Hunter or Liam and Declan would shut her down. I didn't like being a problem, they always had to jump in and help me out and I felt like a burden. They all insisted that they didn't mind. I wanted to be able to fight my own battles, to stand up to her without choking on my words because she was so ruthless with what she said.

Hunter and I hadn't developed our relationship any further. Even though we've had to hang out for the past week we barely talk, he's always hanging out with his mates or playing football after school, he said he has to work really hard as the season is starting. He is the captain of the football team and he needs to make sure his team is up to speed so that they have a fighting chance in winning this year.

Right now, I was stood at the side of the field waiting, the light trickle of fine rain gently kissed my face. The wind blew in protest as it tried to sweep me off the field. I wasn't going anywhere as Hunter was my ride home and I said it was fine he had practice, I would wait. It was stupid really, I was fine with it but, in this weather, I was not. Don't get me wrong, I loved the rain, you'd have to if you lived in miserable England however, I didn't like being out in it, I just liked listening to the sound of it.

After another 20 minutes of standing in the biting cold as it seeped into my bones, down to my core causing uncontrollable shivers to take over my body. My cheeks were red as well as my nose which was starting to run and I had to keep sniffing every so often as I had no issues on hand. God must have answered my prayers because I finally see the boys start to make their way into the changing rooms to clean up before heading home.

I stood there with my arms hugging my shaking figure as I watched the coach and a few others pack up the equipment. I felt two warm arms snake around my waist. My body went on full alert as I tried to get out of the devil's grip. I relaxed slightly when Hunter whispered in my ear. We'd been hugging and holding hands in public but, never had we kissed. I still wasn't used to him holding me, it was unfamiliar and it didn't feel right. Nevertheless, I just had to deal with it. He was my 'boyfriend' after all.

We walked to the car slowly his arm around my waist, I was still shivering slightly but he was so warm, I unconsciously leaned into him to try to soak up as much warmth as possible. He unlocked the car with a click of his button and we both jumped in. I started fiddling with the buttons to turn up the heat as Hunter climbed in and shoved his bag into the back. He glanced at me but said nothing and started the car before backing out the car park and onto the quiet road.

It had only been a few minutes before I spoke up voicing the thing that had been eating at my mind.

"Hunter, do we need to set some rules?" He was surprised by my question but, took his time thinking before his husky voice filled the car. "Like what princess?" I took a deep breath before answering him. "Well, how about no cheating, I don't want to be made a fool of again and I know what you are like so, just for now keep it in your pants." He said nothing but just nodded his head letting me continue. "You also have to fuel my ice cream obsession because if I'm going to put up with you I need some type of motivation. Lastly, er." My voice started to shake and I felt my words get lodged in my throat. "Lastly no sex." It came out in a rush and I wasn't sure he heard me before he smirked at me. "You may think that now princess but, you'll change your mind when you see what's under here." He motioned to himself by waving his hand over his body. I rolled my eyes but felt my cheeks redden. "No thank you." He didn't say anything for a few seconds before asking if there was anything else for which I replied by shaking my head.

"Okay well, I have a few rules of my own." I saw his smirk and gulped. Oh, dear lord, I was in trouble. "They are two simple rules, it isn't hard to follow. First," he paused for dramatic effect, "you aren't allowed to tell people that we aren't legit." I nodded that much was obvious if I told anyone then that was just more of a reason for them to laugh at me. I kept my mouth shut not wanting to start an argument and stayed silent letting him continue.

"Secondly, your princess is not allowed to fall for me." I scoffed at that there was no way I'd fall for that jack ass. I wasn't like all the other girls that were so desperate for him to do them. "Don't worry that won't happen, ever." He turned to me and smirked, "good because it's too much drama and hassle." I rolled my eyes, so typical of him to say that but, I didn't comment as we pulled up to my house. "Well, see you, tomorrow princess." Did I look at him in confusion the next day? it was Saturday tomorrow, right? He answered my question before I even asked. "Tomorrow I'm bringing you to meet my parents, they found out I had a 'girlfriend' and they want to meet you." My eyes widen at his words. Meet his parents, I couldn't do that I barely know who he was as a person. "Don't worry you'll be a fine princess." I nodded at his words though they weren't very comforting shutting the door behind me I made my way up to the front door. He didn't drive off till he knew I was safe inside the house, I guess that was sweet of him. I shut the door and slummed against it as the news about meeting his parents swirled around my brain. I could do this right?

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