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Chapter 13

Upon waking up this morning I had contemplated whether or not to text Hunter and tell him I'm ill and I couldn't make it over. I abandoned these thoughts about five minutes ago because I knew he'd know I'm lying so, instead I texted him asking what time I should leave, his reply was almost instant.

Hey princess, is two okay? Also, I'll pick you up.

Yes, two is fine but, you really don't have to pick me up I can walk or something.

Princess I live on the other side of town, you couldn't walk plus what kind of boyfriend would I be if I made you get the bus or something.

I sighed there was no use arguing with him.

Fine, see you soon.

After shutting my phone off I then proceeded to make my way into the bathroom. It was 11 o'clock and I needed to be ready for two so I might as well start now.

In the bathroom, I showered, washed my hair and shaved. After stepping out of the scorching shower I put the contact lens in that Hunter and I had got while shopping.

Exiting the now steam room I rushed to my room to start drying my hair and sort out some sort of suitable clothing for meeting Hunters parents.

Opening my small wardrobe, I looked at all the clothes staring back at me. What was the right thing to wear to your fake boyfriend's house to meet his parents? Yeah, there wasn't an answer.

Checking the weather by looking out my window I decided to stick with jeans as it looks like it is blowing a gale out there and the last thing I wanted was to embarrass myself in front of Hunters parents by wearing a skirt.

Grabbing my skinny black high waisted jeans, I threw on and then proceeded to find a flattering top so I didn't look so cheap next to his family.

The nerves really started kicking in when I thought about what they would think of me. How would they react if they knew I wasn't from a rich family?

I shook these thoughts from my head as I carried in getting dressed. Finding an orange top that was elegant yet simple I started on my hair. I pinned back some strands put kept the majority to frame my face, allowing me to show off my new beach curls.

Finally, I added just a touch of makeup. Running the concealer over my face I made warlike patterns before blending it out and adding powder. Lastly, I swiped a bit of mascara over my eyes and lip gloss on my lips before smiling at my reflection.

I only knew how to use concealer because I watched a makeup video on YouTube. Pathetic I know.

Sighing, I check the time to see that after my shower and faffing around it was 1.1. perfect I had time to make some lunch before Hunter arrives to pick me up and take me to meet his parents.

Jumping down the stairs in swift movements I made it down without falling. The house now silent without the steady drum of my feet. Taking the short walk to the kitchen I opened all the cupboards and pulled out the bread and the rest of the ingredients from the fridge as I got to work making myself a very plain sandwich.

It didn't take me long to devour the sandwich that I had made. My stomach called out for more as I took the last bite. Sighing I ignored my stomachs calling and proceeded to tidy up the mess I had made.

Five minutes later I was back in my room checking my hair hadn't fallen out before grabbing my jacket, my phone and heading downstairs.

Grabbing a pair of ankle boots from the shelf downstairs I slipped on the black boots before grabbing the keys off the hook and marching out the door.

Locking the door behind me with a satisfying click I stepped into the driveway waiting for Hunter, I checked the time 1:58. It made me anxious wondering if he was ever going to pick me up or if he had lied and set me up. I prayed it wasn't the latter.

Exactly two on the dot Hunter pulled into my driveway. Relief flooded through me until it was replaced with fear and nerves. Hunter being here meant I had to meet his parents and there was no way I could get out of it.

He flashed me his infamous smirk before I rolled my eyes and opened the car door.

Today he decided to come in his orange vanquish again, I sighed it must be nice to have enough money afford two cars.

The journey was quiet except the occasional chatter that filled the overhanging silence. Hunter asking how I was only for me to reply in a shaky uncertain voice. Either way, I knew when I said I was fine I was lying and he knew it. He clearly knew why but, didn't press the matter as we carried on driving in the foreboding silence.

By the time we had pulled up to Hunter's house the nerves had started eating me alive, it's amazing that I managed to get out of the car without my legs buckling underneath me.

If that wasn't surprising enough then the Blacks house most certainly was. It stood three stories high and god knows how long, I stared at the house that loomed over me. I say house, it was more like a mansion with polished and pristine whitewashed marble walls that reflected off the sun's rays giving it a welcoming shine that blinded me with the mansions beauty.

"Ava?" I hadn't realised I had stopped walking or the fact that my mouth had basically hit the floor till Hunter called my name. My gaze snapped to his as he stood by the door which was held open by a butler in the typical uniform. Rolling my eyes, I gathered what little dignity I had left and walked towards where Hunter was waiting for me impatiently.

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