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Chapter 14

Walking in the threshold of this glorious mansion, I couldn't keep the gasp to myself. The interior of the mansion was all bright letting as much light into the open space. It took me breath away. If I thought the outside was beautiful then I didn't have a word for how the inside was. There was a grand white marble staircase in front of me with two sides to walk up, the floor was polished with a cream marble colour. The bannister was black, contrasting against the light colours of the house. In between the stairs, there was a simple table that held a vase with flowers sprouting out over the top in luscious colours with beautiful pinks, oranges, purples and yellows giving the appeal that room was lighter than it was.

Giggling to myself about how much they must love marble I slipped off my old tatty shoes and left them by the door. Following a beckoning Hunter, I walked carefully making sure my socks wouldn't slip on the cool marble that lay beneath my feet. After a few poor attempts on my behalf, I finally managed to get into the swing of things, walking with a glide in my steps I made my way towards the room Hunter had disappeared through after giving up waiting for me.

Walking through I couldn't help myself but be amazed, this place was gorgeous and it never ceased to amaze me. I was stood in a dining room, there was a long oak polished table down the centre of the room demanding attention, twelve chairs were seated at the table, five each side with two at the head of the table. I marvelled at the table, it was so different from the rest of the house and yet it fitted in so well.

There was already cutlery set out at the table along with different types of glasses for different types of drink. It was all so new to me and I was nervous I would mess up. By picking up the wrong glass or saying the wrong thing in front of them, Hunter and I were still not the best of friends; I barely knew anything about him but, at least I could try while I was here, right?

Five minutes later I was still panicking and Hunter had gone somewhere and said he'd be back, he wasn't. I was sat in their living room. It was immaculate, not a speck of dust in sight and the feeling of anxiety was starting to eat at me again. It was hard to miss the sound of giggling and shrieking that travelled through the silence, I turned just in time to see Hunter with a huge smile on his face and a little girl on his back telling him to go faster. The look of pure happiness and joy was on her face and it made me forget about my anxiety. He started to jump with her on his back and very gently, to make sure she was safe. I hadn't seen this side of Hunter and it surprised me. He was caring and loving. I only ever got to see him as an arse hole or a jerk and most of the time he just left me confused about what I felt. So, seeing him like this, with a smile on his face while he was unconcerned about the people around him I couldn't help but smile back at him and the little girl on his back.

Without warning her head snapped to me and her eyes pierced my own, she whispered something in Hunter's ear and he nodded walking over to where I sat on the sofa. I stood up feeling awkward with myself and not knowing what to do with myself. I wrung my hands together as I watched the girl slip from Hunters back with grace before walking over to me. She had dark brown hair that was down to her waist, it looked so smooth and shiny like it had been well taken care of. She had big round eyes the same colour as Hunters, a deep emerald green. She wore a white summers dress with a cropped off denim jacket and I couldn't help but admire her style, she dressed better than me.

She walked up to me her face very serious, it didn't help with my nerves. She stopped in front of me and the biggest smile ever grew on her face.

"Hello, my name is Leah" I was taken aback by how formal she was but brushed it aside so I didn't appear to be rude.

"Hello Leah it's nice to meet you, my name is Ava." She smiled at me as if she thought I wouldn't have returned her greeting.

"I know who you are, Hunter talks about you a lot." I felt the colour and heat rise to my face at the thought that Hunter talked about me. I wasn't sure what else to say but, I didn't look up at Hunter just in case. Luckily she saved me from a lot of embarrassment by carrying on with her little blabber. "Do you like my outfit? Hunter picked it out for me." Something clicked in my head when she said that. It made sense now, that's why Hunter had picked out all my clothes, that's why he knew what type of clothes to pick out for me. He picks out his little sisters outfits. I felt something stir inside me at the thought of Hunter helping his little sister trying to decide what to wear. I smiled and nodded at the little girl who stood at my feet as I shook away the unknown feeling that had settled in the pit of my stomach.

She turned to Hunter with big pleading eyes before she spoke in a sweet voice. "Hunter, can I please take Ava to look at my room?" Her big eyes widen even more and Hunter looked at her with a smile on his face.

"Of course you can just make sure you're down for tea." She nodded her head before grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the big stairs. When we reached the first floor there were loads of closed doors along the long corridor, it only helped remind me of how much money the Blacks have and how little I have. I felt embarrassment run through my veins. I am not ashamed of my mother but, being in this expensive house feels wrong.

I hadn't even realised Leah had pulled me down the corridor and in front of one of the many closed doors until she pushed it open. The room in question was a mix match of pink and white. Fairies, princess and vines decorated the walls, I recognised some of the princesses on the walls there was: Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Tina and Merida. I marvelled at how gorgeous it all looked all surrounded by tiny fairies and animals. A fair light hung from the ceiling adding to the theme of the room. The room was huge. There was a single bed with bedposts that nearly reached the ceiling, with light pink curtains that were tied back neatly with white bows to my right. A dollhouse stood alone in the corner of the room opposite the bed. Her wardrobe lay against the wall on my left, taking up most of the room, with full-length mirrors giving the room light that came in from the windows directly in front of me. Then there were just toys that were scattered across the floor showing that she was previously playing.


I'm not sure how long I had been playing with Leah but, I finally heard Hunter calling from somewhere in this huge mansion. Sighing I got up leaving the toy princess where they were and grabbing little Leah's hand and walking down that long corridor. I had learnt quite a bit about Leah. She was six years old and she adored her brother. She loved playing dolls and dress up and loved it more when Hunter joined in. I laughed at the thought of Hunter sat there with his sister in a dress with a scowl on his face.

We finally reached the bottom of stairs where Hunter was waiting for us, Leah let go of the hand and rushed to Hunter who had his arms stretched out wide. She jumped in time and he lifted her into the air and swung her around while she laughed and giggled. I smiled at them and followed Hunter back into the dining room. It had now been transformed into something magical. Food lay on platters along with the table, candles had been lit as well giving it the smell of peacefulness and home. I smiled and followed Hunter who seated Leah on the right of the head chair. Hunter took the second to the left and I sat opposite him next to Leah.

A few minutes passed until a man came into the dining room. I'm guessing it was Hunter's father as he had the same colour hair but had blue eyes that looked dull and tired. Finally, Hunter's mother walked in with a bowl of dips and placed them on the table sitting next to Hunter giving Mr Black a gorgeous smile which he returned. I studied her for a bit, she had Leah's dark hair but, it was shorter and Hunter's shining emerald eyes. She was stunning, there was a glow about her that radiated kindness.

She smiled at me before engaging me in the conversation. "Hello, you must be Ava please help yourself to some food." I glanced around and realised everyone had already started to get food. I felt the heat rise to my face and looked out at the sea of food. There was lasagna, different types of potatoes: roast, mashed and boiled. Then there was fries and wedges in seasoning. I felt my stomach rumble as I started to pile it onto my plate greedily.

I was halfway through eating my plate before Mr Black started questioning me. "So Ava, you're the girl that has finally won our son's heart? Tell me what is your grade like at school" I was taken back by his question and I saw Hunter glaring at his food. "Well, I am an A* student, the lowest I have ever gotten on a test is a Band that was when I was doing my GCSE's. I'm currently doing my A-levels same as Hunter." He nodded his head while he chewed on his food analysing me with his piercing gaze. "And what is it you study?"

"I study English Language, psychology and maths."He looked surprised at this but nodded his head none the less and let me carry on eating the delicious food.

When we had finally eaten as much food as we could I helped Mrs Black clear the table away and bring it into the kitchen to be washed up. She shooed me away though saying I was a guest and that I shouldn't be doing any of the chores. I walked out of the kitchen to only have Hunter grab my arm in a tight grip, and forcefully drag me up the stairs and throw me into one of the rooms. I let out a shriek as I fall on my butt, the room was in darkness and I can't see much. I heard a lock click and my fear heightened, my heart rate went through roof. A light flickered to life above and I saw Hunter staring down at me with a cold expression.

When he talked his voice was cold and hard, "my parents can't know that we aren't together okay? You don't get to be their friend, I own you now. Now keep your mouth shut and do as I tell you okay?" Shock, anger and hurt swirled around in me. I got to my feet feeling bravery surge through me as I came to my full height. "You don't own me, I am my own person. What is going to do if I tell them this is fake? Bully me, yeah get in line because I'm used to it. Now you listen to me you don't get to boss me around, there is no way I will ever become your puppet." I poked him hard in the chest pushing him back. My voice was just as hard as he was and I have no idea where the strength to stand up to him had come from but, I liked it.

Did he look at me with shock and sadness? No, it can't be sadness, right? The words he spoke next took my breath away. "What do you mean you're used to it? You shouldn't be used to being bullied." I just stared at him and just shrugged. This only seemed to anger him and he grabbed my shoulders roughly shaking me slightly. "What do you mean you're used to it?" I looked at the fire that burned in his eyes as I answered him never breaking eye contact. "I may be invisible to everyone but, I still get bullied. They bully me then forget about me. Forget about the hurt they have caused me. That's why I tried to blend in but, Jessica has always seen me and she is ruthless she... she just liked playing a game with me." My voice broke at the end as a sob pushed its way up my throat giving my real emotions away. Silent tears ran down my face as I felt Hunter pull me in his arms and stroke my hair calming me down. If there was anything I wanted in life it was to never leave Hunters to embrace.

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