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Chapter 15

After my interesting dinner at the Blacks mansion and the unsettling feelings that have rested in the pit of my stomach that is unknown to me, it was now finally Friday morning and I was not in the mood to deal with people. I had barely gotten any sleep as I was up late writing all the essays that I had not completed. It's unheard of I know for a need to have work that had yet to be done however, I have been rather busy this week was just so hectic and it physically and mentally drained me. For a smart person, I know nothing about boys and feelings and I am on the verge of breaking point, it is driving me insane. What does all this mean? Does this mean I like him or do I just hate him and he just messes with my head? Ugh, too many questions and so little answers. My new life felt like a routine now. Hunter would pick me up and we'd walk in with his friends before we split up to go to lessons and meet up again at break and lunch but, it all feels so robotic and unlifelike.

After painful hours of Maths and English, it's finally lunch and boy was I starving. I could hear my stomach growl in anticipation and I'm sure many others could hear it too but, I didn't care. I rushed into the line for the canteen and grabbed a tray of chips and a chicken burger because I don't care about calories. After paying for my food and grabbing water as well, I walk hurriedly to my new table now and take a seat next to Hunter who raises his eyebrow at my food but, I just shrug. I start eating my food after I had finished my chicken burger I turned to my chips, popping them in my mouth when I noticed the guys staring at me.

"What?" My voice came out slightly muffled as I still had a few chips in there but, I'm sure they won't mind. Their stares were piercing and I was starting to get a bit worried. It was Liam who spoke to me first. "Are you going to eat all that?" I stared at him my face blank, were they being serious?

"Umm yeah, is there something wrong with that?" Liam shook his head with a smile on his face.

"No there's nothing wrong with it, it's just that when we see girls eat it's a salad or a piece of fruit. You're eating more like a guy and I like it." I stared at them dumbfounded did I really eat that much? Liam must have seen my face because he added in a hasty voice "it's really refreshing, it's honestly not a bad thing" I smiled at him feeling the tension ease and I turned back to my chips before they cooled down. The guys turned back to each other and started to talk about football and girls so I tuned out before I lost my appetite.

I'm brought back to reality when I hear Hunter calling my name. "Ava?" I turn my attention to him, a confused look upon my face. "So are you coming or not?" What the hell are these guys talking about? Was I going where? "Umm, what?" Hunter shook his head at me and smiled ever so slightly before it disappeared. "To the party, Declan is throwing." I froze, a party? They can't be serious, I was a nerd I didn't do parties. I know enough about them to be smart enough to avoid them. Drunk hormonal teenagers grinding against each other, making out and whatever else they aren't ashamed to do in front of others.

I shook my head and turned back to my chips only to see I had eaten them all. Sighing I turned back to Hunter who was still looking at me. "Ava, you are no longer a nerd, you are my girlfriend and as my girlfriend, you must come with me. If it makes you feel better you can bring a friend with you okay?" His voice left no room for arguing, it was final yet in a way it sounded soft. Crazy right?

After being dropped off at home by Hunter I rung Lily and told her about the party, good thing it was Friday. She was going to sleep at mine so her parents didn't know she'd been drinking. She arrived at mine five minutes later with a massive bag full of clothes and makeup. She'd even brought loads of hair tools. Rushing upstairs we started to get ready.

One hour later Lily was ready and I was still not sure what to wear. I had showered, washed my hair and tried on endless outfits but none of them seemed right. Lily was dressed in a red slim fitted dress that hugged her curves perfectly and came down to the middle of her thighs with black strappy heels to match. She had minimal make-up on but it wasn't like she needed it anyway, her blonde curls hung loosely down her back with strand pinned back.

Groaning I turned to Lily pleading for help. We had forty minutes to get to the party as we had wasted before gossiping. She sighed and shoved me to sit on the bed muttering things under her breath like 'useless' I huffed as I sat crossed-legged on my bed while she walked to my overflowing wardrobe. After showing me a few dresses which I was quick to say no to she pulled out a white dress, it was plain but had white lace all over it. With short selves, I was actually liking it. Stepping into the dress it felt a bit snug but it showed off my figure that I had been trying to hide for years. Turning to Lily for her approval she nodded with a bright smile on her face before starting on my make-up. Fifteen minutes later we were done. I had light make-up on: mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. My waves were in an elegant messy bun on my head. Finally, I grabbed a pair of white flats as I was not trusting myself in heels.

Pulling up to the house which was texted to me we got out the car and noticed the party was already in full swing and swerved around people that littered the front garden. Inside the house, it was stuffy and loud. I couldn't hear myself let alone Lily next to me. The smell of alcohol and sweat met me as soon as I placed a foot inside the elegant house. Holding back my fear I grabbed l Lily's hand and pulled her along behind me in hopes of finding the kitchen and to stop us from getting separated. Have you ever tried to find a kitchen in a massive mansion while it was swarming with bodies pressed together? No, well this is my first time too and I was starting to lose my patience. Finally, I saw the room people were getting drinks form and headed there straight away.

The kitchen was as crowded but the music still thundered through me. Grabbing two bottles of water and checking they were closed I handed one to Lily. Smiling shouting thank you we headed outside where it was quieter. I'm not sure how people do it but, I already had a headache from the music and suffocating smells.

I had just started to get comfy when I felt my body being lifted into the air. "I'm so glad you could make it sweetie, by the way, you look stunning." I held my breath as I was set back on my feet as Hunter had stopped spinning me around. His words were sweet but, I knew he didn't actually mean them. "Well thank you, you don't look too bad yourself babe." I cringed as soon as the word left my mouth but carried on smiling anyway. Hunter smirked at me before turning to his friends who I hadn't seen before. My embarrassment only grew and I knew that my cheeks were a deep shade of red. Damn my checks.

Ten minutes we were all sat down laughing and joking around with each other. My embarrassment was forgotten. Lily was glancing at Declan a lot but, I didn't say anything. Hunter had gone off to go get us drinks and I was happy yet sad at the same time that he wasn't here. After five minutes he still wasn't back and I was getting worried. "Guys I'll be back in a minute I'm just going to go find Hunter." I saw all their smirks but said nothing as I stood up and walked away not wanting to hear their replies. Weaving my way through the sea of people I managed to get to the kitchen but, there was no Hunter insight.

Frowning I wander out the kitchen and into the hall that was full of people making out. That's when I saw him, he was pressed against one of the walls by that slut Jessica. I felt my heart sink at the sight of them together like that close and all over each other. Jessica's lips were getting nearer to his as her hands roamed over his body and I felt my breath stop. It was like everything happened in slow motion, their lips touched and it was all I need to see as I ran towards the door. Tears prickled my eyes and my stomach was turning comfortably. My body felt heavy and I was shaking uncontrollably. Fumbling for my phone in my clutch I phoned Lily telling her we were going home, she didn't question me and told me she'd meet me in the car. I fell into the car crying my heart out before Lily got here, I couldn't let my best friend see me like this.

I kept seeing Jessica's smile the lust that was there, the tension that was thick then boom, a bullet to the heart as their lips found their destination. My heart was broken and I guess we both broke rules tonight. He 'cheated' but I had fallen for Hunter Black, oh what a fool I was.

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