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Chapter 16

Hunters P.O.V.

Liam and I had arrived at Declan's here early to help him set up for the party. Pushing the furniture back against the walls in the living room we made space for a dance floor and a place for the speakers to be set up. In the kitchen, I helped grab drinks for tonight and placed them on the island. Liam had wandered off somewhere like usual he gets out of helping and so it was just Declan and I. Out of nowhere Declan's voice fills the silence. "Hey, Hunter how's it going with Ava, you know the clock is ticking don't you?" I groaned I really didn't want to talk about this. I know we made the best but I wasn't so sure any more. Ava was so different compared to other girls. "It's going well." I didn't elaborate. It wasn't something I wanted to talk about with him.

By nine the party was getting in full swing but, I couldn't find Ava anywhere maybe she just wasn't going to come. What is wrong with me, why was I always thinking about her? The way her lips pulled into a smile? Shaking my head I walked outside for some fresh air. She was invading my thoughts and honestly, I wasn't sure how to feel. Sometime later my boys came out and Liam handed me a beer. Grateful I took it and flipped it without a second thought.

Not before long I had downed more than a few drinks and my head was buzzing slightly. I think one of them had slipped vodka into one of my drinks because I wouldn't be this tipsy otherwise. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this stunning girl stride outside followed by another girl. Before you start scolding me it's my 'girlfriend' and her best friend, my eyes widen in shock of just how gorgeous she looks. My mood instantly picks up at the sight of seeing Ava and I no longer feel tipsy. She looks so stunning in her white lace dress I just want to kiss her. Who knew she had those curves on her. Smiling I walk over to her not giving anyone else my attention. Coming her behind her pick her up and swing her around, I hear her giggle slightly before I set her back on her feet. "I'm so glad you could make it sweetie, by the way, you look stunning." She smiles that stunning smile of hers but it doesn't quite reach her eyes as her lips speak words that shock me. "Well thank you, you don't look too bad yourself babe." I see her cringe slightly but, I never expected her to call me babe. I smirk slightly to hide my disappointment that she doesn't feel comfortable with me. I turn back to my friends who have followed me over their eyes harden slightly and I know what they are saying. My attention back on Ava I see her cheeks are flamed red and I can't help but think she looks adorable.

Sitting around with my friends was natural but, having Ava here was better than anything. Having my arm lightly around her slim waist felt so right yet like I had to be careful not to break her. Remembering what the guys had said I get up and excuse myself to go get drinks. I planned to get drinks once I had dealt with the asshole that is Drew. I couldn't let him near my princess.

I found him in the hall pushing Jessica against the wall in a full out making session. I roll my eyes as I grab the back of his collar and yank him and slam him into the wall, my fist connects with his face over and over again. He aims one at my stomach but I dodge it and let him drop to the floor. Seething in anger I drag him towards the door and shove him out before any more damage can be done. I look down at my hands and see the blood and the bruises starting to form over them.

I walk back into the hall to see a shaken up looking Jessica stood there. I ignore her and try to get to the kitchen. Her twig-like fingers wrap around my arm, the false nails slightly digging into my skin. I clench my jaw and turn to face her. She pulls me closer and pushes me against the wall. I start to struggle but stop as soon as I hear her words. "Keep moving and I'll tell your little plaything your secret." The words were so small but they hold so much power. She pushes herself on me and I grab her waist to stop her. Her lips draw near mine and I feel nothing. I'm bored and I'm not even hard, she doesn't make me feel that way anymore. Her lips connect to mine and it's forceful. I push her away from me not giving a fuck of the consequence Ava has a right to know the truth. Turning around my heart drops out of my chest as I see the familiar white dress and brown hair whip out the door. Cursing under my breath I throw one last look at Jessica who has a smirk on her face before rushing out the door after Ava. I see her sat in the glow of the crying her eyes out. I feel like shit and I don't know what to do as I see Lily enter the car and my princess drive away from me.

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