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Chapter 18

For the rest of the weekend, I did nothing, I wallowed in self-pity. My mum was barely at home but, it's a good thing because even though she's a nurse should can't mend my broken heart.

I haven't heard from Hunter since I blocked him and I'm glad for it. The pain is still there but, it's slowly, very slowly healing. I haven't left the house for two whole days and I have shrunk back into my self of a nerd. I was no longer the girl everyone didn't recognise or the girl that was Hunters 'girlfriend' I was back to being me; a nobody.

Monday rolled around and to say I was dreading going to college was an understatement. I lay in the safe haven of my bed, rolled in the covers like sushi and I had no plans to leave the warmth of my bed till Lily burst into the room looking frantic and a bit like a psycho. Her hair was sticking up in all directions resembling a birds nest while her clothes were creased in places and her face was all blotchy and red.

I stifled a laugh but I couldn't help it, she looked ridiculous. She had a madden look etched upon her gracious face and that's when I lost it, through all the sadness and heartache she still managed to make me laugh. It felt good to laugh and it felt good that I knew I could always count on Lily to always make me feel better.

She joined in with my laughter till I was nearly crying while she pulled stupid faces at me. Finally, the laughter died down and I rolled out of bed and gave her a big hug to which she hugged me back twice as hard.

She broke the hug first and pushed me back to look into my eyes and I knew exactly what she was going to say.

"Ava, you need a shower, then I'm going to make you look stunning so he'll regret ever letting you go."

I smiled weakly at her but did not argue as I knew she was trying to make me feel better. I nodded my head and walked across the small hall to the bathroom and turned the shower on. After a few minutes the shower heated up and I stepped in gratefully. Washing my hair with my mango shampoo and scrubbed my body down with some cheap body wash.

Sighing I stepped out the shower and wrapped my big fluffy towel around me and made my way back to my room. Lily was sat on my bed her appearance now back to normal and she was texted on her phone. I shook my head as I walked past her and grabbed some underwear form the draws.

After slipping them on underneath my towel I turned back to Lily who was waiting for me. She had now moved to the wardrobe where all my clothes were hanging aimlessly. Opening it she gasped a little but got stuck in straight away and started rooting for some clothes. I didn't feel comfortable wearing the clothes he had brought me but, I had no others as I got rid of them all. Finally, after five minutes, we had an outfit sorted for me and I must admit I was a little nervous to wear it.

It was a short pencil skirt that was navy in colour and had navy lace over the top, paired with a simple white tight fitted crop top and wedges because they were easy to walk in. I was beyond nervous but I must admit, I looked good.

Lily quickly pulled my hair up so I had a half up half down style and applied some mascara and lip gloss before we were rushing out the door so we wouldn't be late. I just prayed I wouldn't have to see either of them.

My luck ran out however when we reached the car park. Everyone was whispering and looking at me and that's when I knew they knew what had happened. People were shoving phones into their faces and I was getting confused as to why they were laughing. I marched over to a group of kids and snatched the phone out their hands while Lily told them to shut up.

Displaced on the phone was the night of the party and more specifically it was the kiss between Hunter and Jessica. The angle shows that it wasn't Jessica that filmed it but, she properly got one of her minions to do it for her.

It showed Jessica coming in for the kiss but, you couldn't really see Hunters face and how I stood there with tears in my eyes before I legged it out of there. Then the video cut out. The caption was 'Looks like little Miss nerd isn't so smart after all.' I felt something drop in my stomach then snap.

I threw the phone at the kids before I stormed to where I could see that bitch standing. I don't know where this newfound courage had come from but, I might as well use it against her to defend myself.

Standing right in front of her I glared into her eyes. She simply rolled her eyes and sneered at me.

"What are you doing here nerd?"

I smiled sweetly at her before answering in a sickly tone.

"Someone told me to go to hell, at first I couldn't find it but then I realised all I had to do was find you."

She growled at me before stomping away with her lost puppies trailing behind her.

I was surprised she didn't stay and argue but, whatever. Walking away I walked to my locker with Lily, after opening it I saw a single white rose with a note taped to it. Two words were written on the paper in fancy writing.

Broken Trust.

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