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Chapter 19

I stared at the single rose that held such big weight that fell on my heart. Those two words had such a deep meaning, time stopped itself as I just gazed in fright at the words that had such an effect on me. My breathing became shallow and in quick bursts. It's from him, it has to be. Who else would send me a rose with two words on it that could affect my heart so much?

Spinning around I swept my surroundings to check if anyone was watching me but there wasn't anyone even glancing in my direction. I turned my attention to back to the rose and glanced at Lily who was still at my side scarily quiet.

She was staring dumbfounded at the single rose clutched in my hand. I smiled at her reassuringly, I knew what she was like, she probably thought this was a trick or some mean prank just to try to get back at me. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe this was Jessica, that she was trying to mess with my mind and heart then again, she's not that smart, nor is it her style. She prefers to humiliate me and capture it on her phone so she can post it everywhere on social media.

I take Lily's hand in mine and pull her towards me embracing her in a hug. It doesn't matter who the rose is from it only matters that I have Lily by my side to help me through it.

I place the rose back in my locker while I grab the rest of the books I need for today before slamming it shut and walking away.

The Three Musketeers didn't make their appearance of a show today which means they must have skipped school today. I sigh in relief that I won't have to see his smug face and that damn smirk that punctures my heart.

Heading into my first class of the day I sit in my usual seat at the front because yes I'm a nerd and I like to take notes. The classroom is empty when I enter and leave Lily as she has a different class.

On my desk where I usually sit there was another white rose. There was another note with this rose too, written in the same delicate hand-writing. Written on the plain white was

I'm sorry

After this rose it was clear who it was meant to be from. Whether it was from Hunter was to be confirmed. I ignored it because I needed to focus on my class as more people started to file in. Quickly I shoved the mysterious rose away before I got questioned and took my seat.

* * *

After class had finished I had a free period, I decided I would head to the library for a little alone time with the books. I smile at the thought and make my way in the direction of home. Lily has a lesson now anyway so I have a whole hour with the fantasy world.

Arriving in the library I head straight for the back where all the comfy beanbags are. Settling down with Jane Eyre I started reading. I was instantly sucked into the time of the Victorian era.

Time flew by as I was following Jane's story. I was completely oblivious to the world around me. It was only when a book was slammed shut did I jump from the Victorian era back to the cruel real world.

Before I stood a small lanky boy that I'd never seen before. He was tall with a skinny figure, with shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes. In his hand, he held a rose like the others I had received with the notes. I was shocked I didn't even know the boy, why would he be sending me these roses?

He held it out for me to take which I did smile at him before he left. The note was longer this time and sang.

Wipe that shocked look off your face princess, it's not him. I'm sorry but you need to hear my side of the story too, please. Be in the canteen for a break.


To say I was shocked was that his writing was so neat would mean I lied to you guys. It was beautiful and I had to admit I was jealous, my handwriting was actually not the neatest which for a girl is weird but a nerd, even weirder.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this note. On one hand, I didn't owe it to him to see him anyway, he broke my heart. Even if I hadn't fallen for him he still broke one of my rules. On the other, he deserved the right to explain right? At least I should know what his motives where.

Grabbing my book and placing a bookmark to mark the place where I was I grabbed it and placed it in my bag. Getting up and leaving I headed towards the canteen as it was broken now. I needed answers so then maybe, just maybe my heart will be able to rest in peace.

Upon entering I notice that most people are looking at me and whispering but I hold my head high and head over to Lily who is sat back at our original table. I walk over to her and take a seat. I didn't feel like eating as I knew I would be facing Hunter soon. I get out my book and start reading again as I knew Lily wouldn't mind, she's too busy on her phone anyway.

Five minutes later there are whispers and the canteen has gotten quiet. I turn around to see Hunter. In his hands is a massive bouquet of white roses. I feel my breath hitch in my throat and my heart rate picks up as he utters those two words.

"I'm Sorry".

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