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Chapter 2

After that delightful Monday which I managed to survive if you were wondering, I was now sat in the canteen of our school and it was hectic. Teenagers were shouting at one another and laughing as they met up with friends and I was groaning sat at my table. It's my table because I and Lily are the only ones that sit here. Sad I know. I look over at Lily and she has her gaze on the popular table. To be more precise she is looking at Declan. She's had a crush on him ever since he asked her for the answers to a quiz in science. It's kind of sweet and yet I don't want to see her get hurt. I know what Declan is like and I don't want him messing with my best friend. Even if he got the change I would rip his head from his shoulders!

I sigh and look behind me and watch the popular table too. Declan is chatting to the twins, most likely about a party they are going to be throwing. The twins were the jokers and the party throwers of the school. They were basically like Fred and George Weasley, like the twins they had the same fiery red hair. They weren't gym lads like the rest, thank god. They were about 5"10 and were called James and Justin. They were really sweet but, they never really cared for girls. They are too busy whispering with Declan to come up with the latest prank or the next parts fooling around that girls have never been on their radar.

Next to Declan at the table, Liam is talking to a girl and he looks rather nervous and the girl is blushing and giggling. It's actually refreshing seeing one of the guys trying hard to impress a girl and not trying to get into their pants. Then there's Hunter, he's got a girl on his lap and they are snogging each other's face off. His hands are tangled into her bleached blonde hair while he pulls her closer to him. I feel my appetite leave me, do they know this is a canteen where people eat and not some strip club or whatever? The girl on Hunter's lap is wearing hardly any clothes, however, the little material that is there is too small for her and you can basically see everything, I pull a disgusted face and turn back to Lily who is now texting on her phone with a far off look on her face.

I sigh and rest my head on my arms as I wait for school to be over. Even if I still had two more lessons to go. I feel a chair being moved next to me and then a human like presence taking up space. For a nerd, I, am very antisocial like most but, if I can avoid human contact I will. I lift my head off my arms and stare at the boy who is sitting next to me. It's the same guy from earlier that called me gorgeous.

I feel a slight burn in my cheeks and use my hair to hide my face that is in my ponytail.


The stranger is talking to me what do I do? If I leave he'll think I'm weird. Okay just say hello, I got this. I can feel my heart rate speed up and the blood is hammering in my ears, my mind feels light headed and I feel like I might faint.


My voice comes out higher than normal, and my embarrassment only deepens. He smiles at me. He's cute and he has dimples but, it doesn't quite reach his eyes.

"You're Ava right?"

I nod my head. How did he know my name?

"Well, Ava would you meet me in the library in 5 minutes?"

Again I nod my head and watch as he walks away towards the library. Why did I even agree to meet a random stranger? I look towards Lily but, notice she has left me. Traitor. Guess I better start making my way to the library. He probably wants me to do his homework for him. That's the usual rundown of things, do their homework and never talked to them again and they ghost me in the halls.

Sighing, I leave the canteen and walk down the halls to get to the library. It's quiet and it's starting to make me feel nervous. Walking down the halls I can hear my footsteps echoing. It's nice not being caught up in this rush of people as they try to get to their classes on time. For someone of my height, it's hard to move in such a crowd, I get shoved and swept away by the hoards of people around me.

Walking into the library I notice how quiet it is, normally people are in here trying to get their work done. There isn't anyone in sight, I see the guy that asked me to be here. He's standing in the shadows where a load of books are on the shelves. I walk over to him nervously fumbling with my hands as I do. He smirks at me from the shadows and it makes me feel uneasy.

"You look beautiful."

I feel my cheeks heat up slightly and I'm thankful that it's dark in here. He grabs me by the hand and pulls me closer to him, trapping me between the bookcase and his body.

My breathing is fast and my heart is ready to jump out my chest. The guy leans forward, his face is inches from mine. I see him glance down at my lips. OMG!! What do I do? I am frozen as this guy closes the gap. There's an inch from our lips. I can feel his breath fanning over my face, the smell of mint hinting me. I don't know if I'm ready for this, I don't even know the guy. I'm panicking, I don't know him this is so wrong; he can't take my first kiss. Then he starts to smile and laugh. I'm so confused. He looks at me and he no longer looks sweet, he looks like a monster. His eyes are sharp and his smile is replaced with an evil sinister grin.

"Did you really think I was going to kiss you? Look at you, you're not pretty at all you look like a cow's arse. You're nothing but a nerd and that's all you'll ever be!"

I can feel the tears bubbling in my eyes. He had tricked me just so he could hurt me. I've never even met the guy why would he do this? I hear more voices join the laughter as I see a whole bunch of people walk out of the shadows with cameras. At the front is Jessica, the girl me and Lily both hate with a passion. I feel the tears running down my face as people point and laugh at me. She points and smirks at me. The pain that I feel when I thought someone actually had an interest in me was shattered even if I didn't know him. The embarrassment and pain are too much so I run. I run as fast as my little legs can carry me out from the library and their faces haunt my dreams. I can still hear their laughter as it ricochets around my head like a bullet.

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