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Chapter 20

I stared at him not knowing what to do. I was confused about how to feel. I could feel the piercing gaze of everyone in the room on us, no one uttered a word. I was overwhelmed, it was a sweet gesture and I could feel my heart swell with happiness but, I couldn't let myself be happy. I couldn't let him make me happy not after what he had done.

I looked around me at everyone staring us waiting to see what I would say. What do I say to him? I hate holding things against people but, what he did was so wrong. I turn to look at him. There are pain and desperation in his eyes. He looked so lonely so hurt and I felt something in my heart for him.

The hope and fear of rejection were there, I could see it but I wasn't sure it was enough to forgive what he had done. However, didn't he have a right to tell me why he did what he did? If didn't I have a right to know why?

I came to my conclusion, the silence that swirled around us was deafening, you could hear a pin drop. I rose to my feet looked up at him and let my voice overtake the silence so it wouldn't consume us.

"I will talk to you because I need answers but that doesn't mean I forgive you."

I could see the look of disappointment on his face at my words but, nonetheless, he nodded and passed me the bouquet of rose which I took care, trying not to touch his hand.

He guided me out of the canteen and I could still feel everyone looking at us. He guided me down the hall and into one of the empty classrooms.

Closing the door I walked further into the room and placed the bouquet delicately on the table because they were beautiful flowers. Hearing the door click shut I turned around to face Hunter, stood near the door he took hesitant steps towards me. I felt my nerves spike as he came closer and I took two steps back.

He saw my movement and stopped in his tracks. Hurt flashed through his eyes before it vanished and I wasn't sure it was there at all.

"Princess please let me explain. I didn't kiss Jessica. She pinned me to the wall and kissed me, I didn't even kiss her back she only did it because you were there. I know she wants us to fight so she can have me back. I'm really sorry."

I shook my head, he can't serious.

"You're only sorry that I saw what happened. However, let's say what you're saying is true if she pinned you to the wall I'm sure someone of your talents wouldn't have trouble pushing her off."

By the end of it, I had raised my voice slightly but, he didn't even flinch.

"I am telling you the truth, I couldn't push her off because she threatened me okay?"

His voice was almost pleading and it broke my heart.

"What did she threaten you with?"

My voice was stern because I needed answers before I could start trusting him again.

There was hesitation on his face and I knew it was a long shot for him to tell me.

"I can't tell you, not yet at least. It's not something I share with just anyone."

"But I'm not just anyone!"

It hurt of course it did but, didn't I have a right to know?

"I'm not saying that I'm saying that if I tell you-you might just leave. I will tell you but, not till I trust you completely."

I nodded my head understanding that he didn't fully trust me because I didn't fully trust him.

I grab the roses that are laying on the table and grab the door pushing it open before walking out into the silent hall. With Hunter behind me, I felt like I needed some time alone.

Saying my goodbyes I walked in the direction of the ladies toilets. Passing my locker I tried to see if I could fit the roses in but, the bouquet was too big.

Sighing in frustration I slammed the locker shut and marched my way to the toilets.

Pushing the door open I made mine into one of the stalls. I placed the flowers on the toilet seat with the lid closed and leaned against the locked door.

Everything was a bit much right now and I'd had enough of Jessica making me look like a fool. It was time to get my own back. It was time for round two.

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