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Chapter 21

Hunters P.O.V

I left the classroom with my head buzzing. The talk didn't go as well as I hoped, however, at least she is talking to me now and not ignoring me. That's a good thing right?

I know I could have damaged my reputation but at the end of the day, I need to win this bet because I never lose. Ever. I feel my heart squeeze as my ego takes over but I ignore it. I can't let anyone hurt me again, all I need is a short relief. It's been ages since I've given it to someone. Since I've had someone begging for me. Then again if I can't have Ava then I don't want to do it with anyone anyway.

Sex is like a drug to me and I am addicted and now I'm having withdrawal symptoms, I'm craving to give it to little miss nerd.

Then, on the other hand, I never want to see her sad and I wanted to be the one to make her smile to laugh. Today knowing I'd fucked up scared the shit out of me and I knew I had to do whatever I could to make sure she wasn't upset with me anymore. Seeing the pain in her eyes broke me and the image is haunting me.

I hit one of the lockers to my right in annoyance and anger. One person couldn't make you feel this many emotion, could they? Like you're being pulled in opposite directions and not knowing which one to chose so you get torn in half.

I keep punching the locker until it is slightly dented and my knuckles are bleeding. The sound of my fist on metal keeps me going. I hate that I feel this way or do I? What happened to me with her I couldn't let it happen again. It was the worst pain I had ever felt.

I feel someone's hand on my shoulder and I turn around fast enough to startle Liam who was stood behind me, my hand was raised ready to strike until seeing Liam's face stopped me.

He looked hesitant as he knew he shouldn't interrupt me in situations like this because he can get hurt. Sometimes I can't control my actions. I sigh and shake my head at me as we walk down the corridor in silence. Not bothering to say a word about what just went down.

Ava's P.O.V

I stood outside in the school's garden looking for Poison Ivy. It is known that Poison Ivy when touched, causes itchiness. If you didn't know that well now you do.

Being careful not to get any of it on myself I took off my jacket I was wearing and picked them with the jacket to act as a shield.

Picking just enough I made my way slowly back to the car park trying to look innocent. I was the invisible girl so it wasn't hard at all.

Making my way to the car spot that I knew Jessica's car would be parked in, as she had one specially made because she's the Queen B, I started to rub the Ivy all over the car. A best-case scenario is that she gets a rash from being so itchy. One can hope, right?

It was nearing the end of lunch and I didn't plan on missing a lesson, however, I needed to do this. While I have the guts to actually stand up for myself in a way.

After ten minutes I had covered the whole car as best as I could to get the best possible outcome. Sighing I chucked what was left of the plant, making sure it was far away from the car so it wouldn't cause any suspicion.

Smiling at my handy work I made my way back into school as the bell rang, rushing to get to class on time I barged passed people making sure that the roses didn't get damaged on the way. By the time I got to my lesson, Mr Low had already started teaching. I muttered an apology before taking a seat near the back as all the other seats were taken.

The lesson dragged and all I could think about was my conversation with Hunter and what will happen to Jessica. I've started to regret my decision as I know if she finds out it was me she'll be after be and will make my life a living hell more so than she already does. Gulping down my nerves I sat back and tried to focus on the rest of the lesson.

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