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Chapter 22

To say my week went pretty well was an understatement, my prank on Jessica went better than hopped as she took her friend home and two other boys from the swim team. They obviously had a fun night because the next morning they were all covered in rashes especially down below if you know what I mean. Best of all she doesn't even know it was me who caused it in the first place, which means I've managed to get a little bit more payback at her without her realising it.

Another bonus is that Hunter has been surprisingly sweet to me since the incident that happened at the party. I can't say I have forgiven him completely because I can't open myself up like that again. However, I am giving him one more chance to prove himself and not mess up. I know you guys must think I'm doing this for crazy and stupid reasons but in a way, I don't want to go back to the invisible, shy girl I once was and I'm as surprised as you guys for hearing myself say that.

My feelings towards Hunter have abruptly dwindled into small embers that are no longer lit. The fire I once held for him has gone out and to be fair I'm not as sad as I thought I would be about it.

Having my feelings suddenly disappear makes me think that I never really liked him in the first place and I was just merely attracted to how he looks as is every girl in our school and sixth form. Maybe even a few teachers.

Rubbing my eyes I carried on with the easy I was writing to get it finished before it was due in next week.

Just because I don't look like a nerd as much as I did doesn't mean I don't still act like one.

I had to leave in half an hour anyway as I was meant to meet Hunter at three. It was one. As I don't have a car as I can't afford one and mum has our old car for work I needed to take the bus to get there, as it was on the other side of the town it would take over an hour to get there.

Finishing with ten minutes to spare I start packing the things that I would need to tutor him.

Leaving the house with five minutes to make my way to the bus stop I took a stroll looking at everything around me and taking in the stunning but dull sights of our town.

The bus was crowded by the time it got to my stop ten minutes late I might add, I was annoyed.

I had to stand for nearly thirty minutes before I could sit down with all my heavy books weighing me down. The number of times people bashed into me was ridiculous, as was being thrown about by the bus which was stressful.

Having a seat to rest my jelly legs was a blessing that could have come sooner. I mean did you have to make me suffer this much before my legs turned to mush and my breathing went out of whack?

The rest of the journey was uneventful unless you count all the old couples shouting at each other.

Stepping off the bus I've never been more grateful for fresh air and open space. Being a nerd means I am very socially awkward and it's not helpful when you have to take public transport everywhere.

Taking in big deep breaths of air I looked around me trying to find the street name that would lead me to Hunter's house. I was getting a few odd looks from the people who were out and about, considering that I didn't live here and I did look out of place no matter what clothes Hunter dressed me in.

Finally finding the street name I needed I marched down the road as I was running slightly behind, making my way to the massive gate that guards the house I pressed the income button and waited till someone buzzed me in.

The red light turned green on the little silver box. Walking across the stones that lay on the driveway I made my way up to the door and knocked on the big wooden door.

I waited a minute before the butler from the last time I was here answered the door. He pulled it all the way back letting me in and gesturing for me to remove my shoes.

Placing my shoes on the shoe rack close to the door I turned around to find he had disappeared and I was left alone.

Not knowing where to go I just stood there looking around for a sign of life, a noise to at least indicate as to where I should go. Nothing. Heading to one of the few places I knew, I made my way over to the living room and had a look round.

Maybe I should just text Hunter to let him know I am here. Or would that seem really creepy? Just imagine,

Hey, I'm downstairs waiting where are you?

Shaking the idea away I had a wander around. As no one appeared to be downstairs I made my way up the grand staircase with my hand running along the polished bannister.

So smooth.

On the first floor was a few rooms, all the doors appeared to be closed though and I didn't want to try to find out what was in them. However, one room had a door that was slightly ajar so I thought maybe I could see if someone could point me in the right direction.

Walking ever so quietly I stood just outside the door and peered in. It seemed to be someone's office, there were stacks of paper on the desk and a computer. It was quite open from what I could see. It looked really nice.

"Finished snooping around?"

An angry voice boomed behind me.

Jumping out of my skin I whipped round to come face to face with a hysterical Hunter.

"You should've seen your face."

He managed to get out between laughs.

I rolled my eyes and waited for him to finish before I spoke.

"Just for the record I wasn't snooping, I was looking for someone to point me in the right direction of well finding you."

My voice came out firm and I wondered where this confident girl had come from. Hunter must have been thinking the same as his eyes were full of surprise. He quickly recovered however and shook his head at me.

Nodding his head he indicated for me to follow him up yet another flight of stairs.

"The second floor is where all the bedrooms are, just in case you needed to know."

He added with a wink.

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disgust I carried on following in silence.

"The first floor is dedicated to a games room for me and a playroom for Leah. It's also used for offices for both mum and dad."

I nodded my head in understanding. He stopped abruptly causing me to walk straight into his hardback and fall landing on my bum. Wincing in pain I got to my feet rubbing my bum slightly.

"I could do that for you."

His smug voice floated through the air.

"No thank you."

I said through clenched teeth. Laughing at my annoyance he opened the door to reveal his bedroom.

I stepped back a little bit. I'd never been in a boys bedroom before so this was certainly a shock to the system.

It wasn't at all what I thought it would be. I thought it'd be really messy and have clothes laying all over the floor.

On the contrary, it was the opposite. Bed made, no clothes on the floor, no rubbish laying anywhere.

Hunter walked in and jumped onto the sofa that was at the foot of his Queen size bed. His room was huge and had a theme of navy and an off white colour. I actually really liked it.

I walked in gingerly and perched on the end of his bed. He looked at me but didn't question my actions.

I watched him wring his hands together before he looked at me with a slight blush to his cheeks.

"Princess, I was wondering if you'd like to - er well - gosh why is this so hard? I was wondering if you'd come to watch me play football this Friday?"

It all came out in a rush and I stared at him unblinking for a moment.

Did he just ask me to watch him play football? From what I've heard he never asks anyone to watch him. I felt my stomach flip slightly but that was down to nerves, right? For starters, I didn't even know the first thing about football. What was I meant to wear? Was I meant to bring stuff with me? I don't even know the rules. Secondly, I'd never watched a football game in my life because it never interested me so what happens if I get bored? I guess I could bring a book.

Looking at his face that was contorted in worry I felt a little sorry for him. He did seem nervous about asking me.

Not thinking about it too much I nodded my head and watched his face go from worried to delighted.

"Great, you can wear one of my hoodies."

What no one said anything about wearing his clothes?!

"No, I'm not wearing your clothes."

He looked at me funny before shaking his head.

"Princess, we're meant to be dating remember. Wearing my clothes while watching me play football will help us."

What he said made sense. I mean how bad could it be. Nodding my head again he smiled before laying back down again.

What have I gotten myself into?

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