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Chapter 23

It was the night of the big game and I was shitting myself for it. Excuse my language but I had never been to one so the thought of going to one with Hunter was a big deal. Right now I was just waiting for Lily to come to pick me up. Hunter had to be there early so I need to get a ride with someone else.

Lily was my best friend and she goes to these sort of things anyway. She was jumping for joy when I told her I was finally coming to one. After her begging me all the time to go I was finally going.

I decided to dress up warm as it was the middle of Autumn. With washed-out jeans with rips on the knee and fades everywhere else and a thin cream jumper and a beanie to match, I was as warm as I could be. It wasn't too cold outside so I didn't bother with a jacket.

Grabbing my phone and some money I managed to find I made my way downstairs to grab something before I was to be shipped into another world that I knew nothing about.

On the counter in the kitchen was a note that sat atop a book. The note was from my mum.

Have fun tonight. Here's something to entertain you in case you do get bored. - Mum xx

Lifting up the book I realised it was the second book to The Mortal Instruments set.

I began screaming out of happiness as I have been wanting to read the next book but I could never find it in the library.

Thanking my mum in my head I grabbed a packet of crisps before making my way outside to wait for Lily.

Locking the door and making my way down the steps I heard music that was becoming louder and louder. Standing as still as a lemon I watched as a big red truck came rolling towards me. Which coincidently is where the music was coming from.

In the driver's seat was one of the twins though I'm too sure which one it is. The car came to a halt on the side of the road, waiting for me. I didn't move. Where was Lily?

The window rolled down on one of the back seats and there she was. She waved me over and I walked cautiously to the big truck. She opened the door for me and moved over a little to allow me to hope inside. I did and after closing the door I turned to her with a questioning look.

She shrugged and reached behind her to fasten her seat belt; I did the same.

The truck darted forwards and the music started blaring. I had to stop myself from covering my ears because the music was so loud it felt like it made my ears bleed. Sighing I turned away to look out of the window at the darkening sky and how everything looked nicer when the sun was setting, it was all bathed in a golden glow.

After ten minutes of painful music and the speed at which the twins drive, we finally found somewhere to park and all jumped out from the truck. Looking around me I realised how busy it was. Parents, students and teachers had gathered for the big game. There were many people I didn't recognise and that frightened me slightly.

Taking another sweep of the area I saw Hunter coming towards us. A wave of relief washed over me as I saw him striding his way over. A small smile played on my lips as he came over.

"So you came, I'm glad."

I smiled as he stood in front of me.

"Of course I came. I've got to support you."

He smiled down at me.

"Will you wear one of my jackets while you're in the stands for me please?"

My smile grew bigger and I nodded my head. Handing me his shirt our hands touched and a spark shot up my arm.

I looked up at him and there was something there. Something I couldn't put my finger on.

A cough sounded behind us and snapped me out of my trance, turning around I realised that the twins, Lily and Liam were all stood around us watching us.

My face flushed in embarrassment and Liam stood smirking at us.

He opened his mouth but didn't get far as Hunter yelled at him.

"Shut up!"

Liam closed his mouth but had a cheeky grin on his face that made me blush even more.

Hunter grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. More sparks shot up my arm, racing through my whole body. We starting walking toward the stands and I only realised how good he looks in his football kit.

His shorts showed off his defined legs and his top wasn't exactly big on him. Smiling to myself maybe being stuck here for 90 minutes wasn't going to be so bad after all.

Finding space for all of us to sit at the very front in the stands, Hunter and Liam left for the changing rooms before the game started to have a group meeting.

I had a few eyes on me but maybe that was because I was wearing the football number of Hunter '10' which means a lot of glares were coming my way from girls.

All twenty-two players walked out onto the field, eleven from each team. Both warming up under the strict eye of their captains and coaches.

Hunter was barking instruction at his teammates and even though they had scowls on their faces they listened without talking back.

They were doing various exercises from jogging to stretches that I couldn't even name.

Finally, after a final talk with the coaches, they set up in their positions ready to play for the next forty-five minutes.

I prepared myself for the worst, that I was going to get bored looking at Hunter this whole time, however, 20 minutes in I found myself joining in with the crowd. Singing along to the songs that I didn't know the words to and shouting encouragement. I'd never felt more passionate about something I barely knew anything about.

It was magical, seeing the way the teamed worked together, supporting them on felt like you were something more than just a person sat in the crowd.

When half time was called the score was 1-0 to us, something I was happy about as Hunter was the one to score the goal. Each team left to different parts of the field for a water break and a talk with the coaches.

Hunter jogged his way over and I could feel a few eyes on us. I stood up however and with my jelly legs walked up to the little barrier that stood between us.

"So what do you think?"

He looked slightly nervous that I was going to say I hated it or something but I smiled and laughed.

"I think it's great, you're doing really well!"

He smiled and shook his head as he leaned over to give me a hug. I pushed him away and shook my head at him playfully.

"Nah uh mister, you're all sweaty and I'm afraid you'll have to wait to have a shower first."

He gazed upon me in amusement before a sly smirk came on his face.

"Does this mean you'll join me in the shower to give me a hug?"

My face flushed a deep red, even the cool breeze of the evening wasn't enough to cool me down.

"No, it doesn't."

My voice came out stronger than I thought but it was still weak.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at me. Before chuckling to himself.

"Come on lover boy we have a game to win."

I looked behind Hunter to see Liam and Declan waiting a few feet away. I smiled at them, but only Liam smiled back.

The look I got from Declan was chilling but maybe that was just his game face?

I hope because it frightens me, the way he looked at me as if I was a piece of meat.

Sighing Hunter went to join his friends and I left to go back to my seat with one thought swirling around my head.

Something is definitely up with Declan.

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