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Chapter 24

After the game had finished, which we won, by the way, I headed in the direction of the changing room to go and congratulate him on his big win.

I thought if I wait outside the changing rooms then I'll be able to catch him on the way out.

After 20 minutes of me standing there, he hadn't come out. I'd seen most of the other players walk out but, I never said anything to them.

After another five minutes Liam came out and I walked up to him.

"Hey, is Hunter still in there?"

I know it sounded stupid because I hadn't seen him come out, maybe I missed him.

I just needed to know. I don't know why I was so desperate to see him. I didn't even like him but I guess one must listen to one's head.

"Hey, he's still in there. He's talking to Declan."

I smile at him and say a quick thank you before he walks off.

Stepping around the corner I edge to where the door is stood ajar. I can hear the rustle of the wind and the murmur of voices coming out of the devil's tomb.

I couldn't see much but as I got closer I could tell it was Declan and Hunter talking inside.

Their voices weren't clear but I could make out some words.

"I....win...Ava....dead....bet....is off."

I stood still trying to hear the rest but they were moving around and making too much noise.

I backed away trying to make sentences out of the few words I had caught.

I went to walk back up to the door but Hunter burst out fuming. His eyes found me and you grabbed a hold of my arm and started dragging me off the field.

I struggled and tried to get him off but he wouldn't listen. I eventually gave up and let him drag me away and off the field.

He looked both scared and deadly and I knew it was best just to keep my mouth shut.

I had so many questions swirling around my head but for now, they would have to wait because no even I would interrupt him this state.

He didn't stop dragging me till I reached the car and he opened the door for me to get in, I did without asking what was going on as he slammed the car door and walked around all to the driver's seat got and just sat there.

I looked at him and his grip on the steering wheel was so tight as his knuckles had turned white. There was also a slight shake in his arms as if he was trying to restrain himself.

We sat in silence for a while till he spoke in a husky monotone voice.

"You need to stay away from Drew. He's bad news and I don't want you caught up in it."

What is he talking about? I give him a confused look before replying in a voice just above a whisper.

"What do you mean?"

He looks me dead in the eye before speaking in a serious tone.

"Stay away from him. I'll deal with him and that's final!"

The way he said it left no room for argument. I nodded my head but, I needed answers.

"Okay fine, but I need to know why."

He doesn't say anything for a while, I could see the cogs moving in his mind on how to tell me.

"Liam and I joined a gang four years ago. That's where we met Declan. Drew isn't as sweet as he makes out to be. He is a ruthless gang leader and he's done terrible things in order for Liam and me to stay in the gang. His father was the gang leader before he got shot in a gang shooting."

He takes a deep breath before he continues his story.

"There was a girl, Jasmine who I loved with all my heart. And she was killed by Drew as he said love is a weakness. We're not allowed to fight at school. I'm stuck in this gang that I can't get out of. Now he's on the hunt for you because he knows how I feel about you. So, you're his next target and I can't lose you too. You're in danger Ava and I need to protect you."

I stared at him as the whole world went black and one word ringing in my mind. Danger.

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