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Chapter 28

Hunters P.O.V

I don’t remember much from the night before it has only been a few hours since it happened and yet it felt like an entity. I woke up to the sound of police sirens and flash of red and blue. The red crimson colour brought back the memories of blood dripping from the knife that he was toying with in a psychotic way. The way he smiled when he pulled the trigger made me want to kill the bastard.

Right now I was sat in handcuffs, it was the early hours of the morning but, time seemed to be going so slow. Time was my enemy and more than anything I wanted to see Ava. I need to know if she was alive if she was okay. My mind was focused on Ava and only Ava and sitting in this handcuffs were making me restless. I couldn't stay here. When I came around Ava was no longer there and because I was not family no one would tell me anything.

I didn't notice Liam and Declan walk up to me till there were stood right outside the police car. They knocked on the window and a policeman came over and allowed the five minutes to talk to me before I was to be taken to the police station.

Rolling down the window for me the policeman gave us some space as he backed off a little watching his watch.

“You alright man?” It was Liam who was talking to me and I sighed the impatience building up in me. “Yh I guess but, I really just need to see Ava. I need to know if she is okay.”

They both shared a look that I did not like. Liam shook his head and avoid what I said. “We'll get you out of this okay.” I nodded at what he said as the policeman came over and told us our time was up and Liam and Declan left off to their own car.

I slumped back as far as I could in the police car as an officer climbed in the front and drive me away from Ava and to the station.

After going through the long procedure of getting processed and I was finally sat in a cell. My bail was set at £300,000 so I doubted I'd get out of here tonight. Even though Liam and Declan were rich I doubted they would have that amount of money just on hand and they knew not to call my parents as they knew nothing about the gang.

Ten minutes later an officer came to my cell and let me go. I was surprised, to say the least, but now I could go to Ava. I rushed to the cell and made my way to the front to find Liam and Declan waiting for me. I nodded at them as a sign of respect which they took gratefully and we left the station and drive straight to the hospital.

Everything was going by so quickly and all I wanted to see was her. I shouldn’t have pushed her away and I shouldn’t have hurt her in such a way. Right now all I need was her if she’d even have me. After what she has been through because of me I wouldn't be surprised if she hated me forever. The realisation that she might reject me only made me crazy to get to her to tell her I’d never let this happen to her again.

When we finally pulled up to the hospital I jumped out of the car before we were even parked and sprinted into the hospital doors. I shoved them open and got a few surprised and startled looks from the people inside but I didn’t stop to look at them or to see if Declan and Liam were behind me as I rushed to the desk so I could finally find her.

As I dashed up to the desk I slammed my hands down on the top making the nurse behind the counter jump and look at me with fright. I swallowed my sense of urgency and tried to slow my breathing and my racing heart rate that was going a mile a minute. Calming myself down I spoke in the most normal voice I could.

“I need to see Ava Darling.” My voice sounded strained and I coughed slightly to cover it up. I could sense Declan and Liam behind me but, I ignored them. Her name sounded so nice when it rolled off my tongue but, I ignored this fact and waited for the nurse to look up the information and tell me which room she was in before I darted off again and was flying by all the rooms till I found room 76. I stood outside the door with Declan and Liam on either side of me letting me have my own space. Liam placed his hand on my shoulder giving me a reassuring nod while Declan gave me a little shove which I knew was his way of saying everything he was thinking.

I took a deep breath preparing myself for the worst as I placed my hand onto the cool metal of the hospital door and pushed it down and pushed the door open.

It was quiet in the room, there was no sound about from the beeps from the heart monitor. The walls were a burning white and I turned my eyes away from them to the small frail body that was laying in the bed in white sheets. Her skin was pale from the amount of blood she has lost. Her lips were plump and red and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. She looked dead and if it wasn’t for the heart monitor going off with every heartbeat telling me she was alive I would have thought she was dead. I stared at her for a few minutes when the heart monitor started to go crazy as her heartbeat was getting lower, I panicked and stood there frozen as Liam and Declan rushed in the room and Liam pressed the emergency button and doctors and nurses came rushing in and shoved us out.

I stood at the door looking through the glass on the door and watched as they took out the defibrillators and placed it on her and watched as she jumped up from the bed and she slowly slipped away. I felt my knees buckle under me and I felt the tears fall down like a river.

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