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I rushed around with a sense of panic in my chest and feeling as if nothing was yet prepared and I had forgotten something. I doubled checked what I was wearing and my hair and makeup were in place. I was wearing a dusty pink dress that hugged my curves with nude heels. My hair was curled and fell just above my bum and was pinned back loosely. My makeup was simple and just highlighted my features.

Luckily Lily was here to help me through it and help me keep my head. She also helped with my hair and makeup because I was still useless at it.

Everyone was going to be at the reception in half an hour and I wasn't there yet! Lily was doing her best to calm me down and we soon left in a maddened rush to get there before the guests.

Arriving I found Hunter looking as handsome as ever, he was wearing a grey suit that fitted his muscles and toned body brilliantly. His tie matched the colour of my dress and it suited him nicely.

I smiled at him as he welcomed the first lot of guest. I walked over to him once he had finished talking to them and I wrapped my arms around him while he was facing away from me. I felt him chuckle as it sent vibrations through his body and his back. His toned back was hard under my cheek and my hands were pressed against his abs and I felt the move which made me giggle.

He turned around to face me and his eyes went wide as he looked at me. He pulled back from me and held my hand to give me a bit of a twirl. I laughed at the sensation and as I came back to face him I smiled and he smiled back. He gave me a quick kiss on my forehead before he went back to welcoming more guests that were arriving and I went off to go check that the food was being prepared.


Half an hour later all the guests had arrived and were seated in the seats. Hunter and I were seated at the front table overlooking where everyone else was seated. I placed my hand on Hunters as he turned and smiled at me before he rose out of her seat.

"I would like to thank you all for coming to mine and Ava's engagement party. I would honestly be lost without this girl. I am so lucky that she is mine and she is here with me today. Sadly, her father could not be here to see his daughter get married or walk her down the aisle but, he'll be there in our hearts and I hope I have his blessing for marrying his daughter. This girl means everything to me and I'm not going to lose her because I'll protect her for the rest of my life, so here's to Ava. Cheers!"

A sad smile overtakes my face when I hear him talk about my dad and I know my dad would have liked him. There's a chorus of cheers and as Hunter sat back down there was no doubt in my mind that this was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

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