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Chapter 4

We both stand there in the hall not saying a word to each other my anger is bubbling over the surface while Hunter is looking amused at my state. I swear he brings out the worst in me. With my anger slowly starting to settle I watch as Hunter is looking around the place, he looks at the photos on the wall and smiles. Like an actual smile, not a stupid smirk a smile. I stand there and mesmerised by him, he’s very interesting to watch plus he’s hot so it’s a win-win for me either way.

I’m just glad my mum isn’t home, if she was, she’d be asking so many questions that I wouldn’t have the answers to and the whole situation would just become awkward for the both of us. I’ve never brought a boy home before so I know she would be really excited for me and quite angry that I didn’t warn her before-hand because I know she’d want to make a good first impression on him so that any stress and anxiety about meeting her would melt away. Even if he was just some stranger from my school.

He glances around for a few more seconds until his eyes land on me, he holds my gaze and I can feel myself being lost in his emerald green eyes that remind me of the forest. “Ava.” He says my name barely above a whisper, but I can hear him loud and clear as he has my full attention. I love the way he says my name. It just sounds so nice the way he says it, the way it rolls off his tongue. I smile at him, guess it’s time to find out why he’s here, taking a deep breath I prepare myself for anything that he’s about to say.

“Hunter, not to be rude or anything but why are you here?” He doesn’t say anything for a while and I fear I may have been a bit too rude to say it so bluntly, he just continues to stare into my eyes and I can see the cogs turning in his head as he figures out the best possible way to say whatever he has to say.

“Look can we talk somewhere more, I don’t know, comfortable?” I nod and motion for him to follow me, as no one’s home we might as well go upstairs. I know what you guys are thinking but, no the idea that I would do something like that is repulsing, sure he’s hot but that’s it. He’s an ass and a player, he probably has some type of disease the way he’s been going, sleeping with nearly every girl in the school.

We walk upstairs and I sit down on my bed he follows me and sits down next to me making himself at home as if we’re old best friends, I scowl at his behaviour but he’s not looking at me. He’s looking around my room and he raises an eyebrow at all the popsicle sticks and tissues that are lying on the ground in a complete mess.

“What?” I say innocently before mentally slapping myself and reminding myself to pick them all up later. I know what he is thinking that I’m a greedy pig and a cry baby but right now, I don’t care what people think of me. Well, I do but, I’m trying not to. I need to be stronger and to try to not let my emotions show through but it’s hard because I know I’m a sensitive person and hiding my emotions from people is very challenging.

He looks at me and I see something there etched upon his face but, I can’t tell what it is though. It however disappears as quick as it came. “Ava, I saw the video...” He pauses, waiting to see my reaction, his voice is soft as if trying to make this as easy as possible. I nod but, there are tears in my eyes I look away because I don’t want to appear weak in front of someone like him who is strong and never lets their emotions come through. He continues “I want to help you.” There’s complete silence as I register the words that he has just said. Hold the phone, did Hunter Black just say he wanted to help me? Me out of all the people in the school. There has to be something in this for him because he wouldn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have one.

My head snaps to where he is sat on my bed, as I stare at him wide-eyed, but he carries on not paying attention to my reaction. “I know you must like being invisible as it stops people noticing you and you get bullied less however, you can’t anymore so, I’m offering you the chance to get out of the shadows and into the light without people making fun of you and the only way to do that is to be my fake girlfriend.” I just stare at him before I burst into fits of laughter.

I’ve got to admit it was a pretty good prank, even if it does seem unbelievable. Hunter just stares at me in confusion his eyebrows knitted together. “Tell me, where are the people with the cameras hiding this time? This is hilarious! Were they hoping I would say yes? Wow got to hand it to you, you nearly had me there.” My words come out between laughs and I’m not sure if he heard me, but I can’t stop laughing.

He just shakes his head and puts his hand down on my shoulders forcing me to stop laughing, I stare up into his blank, expressionless face as I try to read him. “Ava I’m being very serious” I stare at him with my eyes wide. He must be joking; he has to be. Hunter never dates. Ever! He hasn’t even dated Jessica even though she goes around the whole school telling everyone they are dating.

“Hunter, you never date, you are the biggest player there is at school! Why on earth do you think I would trust you and agree to date you?” He stares at me blankly before he replies. It’s not my fault he doesn’t want to hear the truth, I’m just stating facts.

“Look, Ava, you can’t judge me you don’t know my story. Like I don’t know yours, I have my own reasons for helping you and I’m sure you will have your own reasons for accepting and using me.” I feel guilt swamp me as I realise, he is right. I don’t know him, and I don’t know his story, so I have no right to judge him. But he can’t actually think that I would just say yes at the drop of a hat.

“I’m sorry however, I haven’t accepted you deal yet so just hold your horses” I state, he gazes hardens slightly before he lets go of my shoulders and turns away from me as of deciding his next move.

“So, what do you say, will you be my fake girlfriend?” I think about it before asking the one question that’s been on my mind.

“What’s in it for you?” His gaze intensifies as he leans closer to me. This close I can see the slight freckles on his nose covered by his tan. His dazzling eyes are very captivated. I feel like I could lose myself in his eyes, those deep eyes like the forest.

His leans into me and puts his mouth right next to my ear, I can feel his hot breath fanning my ear and neck and it’s making parts of my body tingle. I can feel the shivers running down my spine, making my whole body come alive. “You will be mine” his voice is so soft yet holds a command in it and I gasp at his words. He doesn’t sound as if he is joking and I feel vulnerable by his side. I know I can’t let myself so close to him, I’m smart enough to know that if I was to be his then it would only end in him sleeping with me and then leaving me heartbroken because I was stupid enough to fall for him and let him violate me in such a way.

I can’t go through any type of pain again that guy, who I didn’t know, was bad enough I just can’t do it. I shake my head and frown overtakes his features. There are tears still bubbling in my eyes, ready to pool over. He looks me dead in the eyes before muttering the words. “No one says no to me, princess, you are no exception. No one says no to me and gets away with it!” With that he storms out of my house, slamming the door in the process. I sit there frozen for what seems like hours as I realise that Hunter could make my life a living hell, more so than Jessica ever could,

What have I got myself into?

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