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Chapter 5

I stare at the ceiling of my bedroom, the blank whiteness starting back, me reflecting how I am feeling on the inside. It’s been an hour since Hunter left but it feels like a century and I’ve been able to think about his last words.

“No one says no to me and gets away with it!”

I know I’m dead, beyond dead. I should just run away and change my name to John and start a new life in Mexico. No one has ever said no to him and I visually shudder at the thought of what could happen to me and to my mother. He could ruin me, more so than I already am, he could make life hard for me and my mum, could ruin my life at school and everything after it if he wanted to he had so much money and a lot of influence and I still said no.

What an idiot.

I groan and roll onto my stomach and grab my phone that’s been lying on my bedside table on charge since Hunter came over. Unlocking my phone, I see that I never closed down Facebook and looking at the app brought tears to my eyes, I stare at images of myself red faced and blotchy looking with tears streaming down my face and looking a right state. Shutting down the app I go to my contacts and ring the only person that could help me right now.


She picks up after a few rings. “Hello bitch” I smile and shake my head.

“Hello flower” Yeah, I’m not the best when it comes to nicknames but, it’s better than what she calls me.

“So, what’s up?” I sigh and groan as I begin to tell Lily everything.

“Hunter came over to my house and asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend” I left out the part that it’s fake because that part because it just felt silly and personal and I didn’t want to upset her, “obviously I said no. He got mad and said, ’No one says no to me and gets away with it!’” I say it in a deep voice trying to sound like Hunters but, I know I sounded stupid. I take a deep breath after rushing through all that. On the other end of the line, Lily is silent. Then I hear her scream. Not a scream of terror but a fan girl scream. You know the ones where the girl is screaming really loud and high pitched, most likely jumping up and down waving her arms all over the place in excitement, that’s what she’s doing right now.

“Oh my gosh, you have to say yes! Think how good this will be when you can rub it in everyone’s face especially Jessica’s and if you do it, it means that I might have a shot with Declan. Oh, please Ava do this for me. Please, please, please.” I stare at the wall as Lily’s pleading goes on and on.

“Don’t you think this is rather odd that Hunter the bad boy is asking me out!” I practically shout down the phone at her. She’s silent on the end of the phone obviously thinking about this before she finally comes up with an answer.

“Maybe it is weird but aren’t you tired of hiding in the shadows and people pushing you around and using you. Don’t you want a chance to be different, to be liked and people stop abusing you?”

I think about everything that I could have if I started fake dating Hunter for a while, a few months could really make a difference to my life and I could maybe even have some more friends and maybe for just once in my life I could happy.

“Fine!” I shout down the phone. I’m doing this for Lily as well as myself. It would be good to wipe that smirk off Jessica’s face and maybe get out my comfort zone and become someone that makes me happy.

“Yay! I’ve got to go I’ll see you at school on Monday bitch” I chuckle to myself, that girl is a weird one, but I love her and don’t want to ever lose her, especially over a boy.

“Bye flower.” I say in a whisper that’s lost in the wind as I throw my phone towards my pillow and fall into my back staring at my walls, letting them absorb me.

Hunters P.O.V

I sit there completely shocked on her bed and look her dead in the eye. Ava just said no to me. To me! I am Hunter Black, no one says no to me. “No one says no to me princess, you are no exception. No one says no to me and gets away with it!” I stand up and walk out of her house.

Anger surged through my body as I storm my way out of her house an into my car trying to cool of some steam.

She looks so cute in those fluffy PJs all warm and cosy, it would have been so easy to tease her for it. No Hunter what are you even thinking and why did you call her princess? No need to start getting attached, you’ve only met her for 5 damn minutes. My anger grows again, and I know just the perfect cure to deal with it.

I text a random girl’s number that’s on my phone. I don’t save their names it’s just girl, once it’s over they get deleted, out of sight out of mind.

Hey, you want to fuck?

Okay yes, I’m blunt about it. That’s all I do. I hump them and dump them. It’s not my fault that they catch feelings and get hurt. They know me and they know what I do, they know how I operate, and I can’t help it if they decide they love me or whatever bullshit they say, I mean it’s just sex how can you love someone from fucking just once? Girls are so stupid sometimes.

Ava isn’t, she knew to stay away from me. I shake my head at this. Stupid thoughts.

I get a text from the girl, whoever she was.

Sure, babe come right over I’ll send you the address. Xx

I smile down at my phone. Tonight’s going to be good. Slamming my car door I drive to the address given to me, with a wolfish grin on my face.


I leave the girls house; she was terrible too much talking and not enough action. Always talking and trying to get me to tell her she’d been a naughty girl. I’ll tell you what I want to bitch, I’m glad I’ll never sleep with her again she was either a virgin or just bad, but I didn’t stick around to find out, having to use some methods of my own I manged to finish before I was out the door before she could ask me to stay the night.

I’ve slept with nearly everyone girl in my school and Ava is my next target. Drew has challenged me to get Ava to sleep with me in the next two months if I can’t then he gets to claim the title of the ultimate player and keep his leadership.

I growl at the thought of that sick twisted fuck being my leader, but I ignore it and focus on my target and my freedom.

I know that to get Ava to sleep with me is not won’t be as easy as just asking her. It’s going to take time. Which is why I’m asking her to be my fake girlfriend. She’s different and I need help with subjects so it’s a win-win for me, if I don’t get my grades up without bribing the teachers with money then I can’t play football this season. It’s only one of the reasons, I want to kill Jessica and Drew for what they did, and I want out. Ava’s my best chance at finally getting equal with them and gaining my freedom. I grab my phone and find Ava’s number. She’s the only girl’s name I have saved in my phone beside my mum and a few family members.

Hey, you changed your mind yet princess? X

I wait for a reply as I get into my car. It’s nothing too flashy today. I didn’t want people to know I was at Ava’s if she said no. Which she did and then there would be a lot if explaining to do, keeping a low profile is a good idea when I’m around Ava for now until she becomes more comfortable.

I finally get a text back from Ava just as I’m about to set off back home.

Okay fine, you win. I’ll be your fake girlfriend. X

I smirk down at my phone gripping it tight as I start the car. I am already halfway there.

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