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Chapter 6

I cross my legs this way, then the other as I wait for Hunter to come to pick me up, he said he was going to pick me up to take me shopping. Do not get me wrong I do not mind missing a day of my free time of the weekend as I don’t ever leave this room as I’m not stupid enough, I get bullied enough whilst I’m at school. I do not need it on my weekends as well however it still had me anxious to leave the house even if I will be with Hunter. This was Hunter we were talking about, the bad boy of the school who did anything he wanted with girls because they always threw themselves at him. He could be taking me anywhere, to do anything. Just in case I picked up a can of pepper spray and placed it into my bag to make myself feel safer.

I decided on wearing black jeans with rips on the knees and a baggy grey top with SpongeBob on it that was starting to fade away. This was one of my better outfits, I don’t normally wear jeans but, it was a hunter and I wanted to look better next to him because he looks so plush and sexy and I’ll look like trash next to him. He was like a God and everyone knew who he was, I might as well try to look half decent next to him, so I don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

I stare at my phone again, why was I so bothered by him? He is a stupid player. Maybe it’s because I want to know what his end game is here and why he needed me, the most unpopular girl in school. I glance at my phone to see if I have any new texts.


Getting up and making sure I have everything I need including my purse even though it has not got a lot in it. I stare at the £30 sat in my purse I got working over the summer that I haven’t spent. I spent my time working away in a library which was meant to be a volunteer job but she paid just the bare minimum for the few days that I did. Sighing I put it back in my purse and my phone goes off. I walk over and look at it.


I’m an outside princess, hurry up and come give me love 😉 x

I roll my eyes at his text but, proceed out of the door anyway, checking everything once last time and grabbing my keys off the side so I could lock up as my mother is already at work.

When I walk out it’s to find an orange Aston Martin Vanquish. This beautiful car was sat in my driveway. At my house! How amazing is that? I could do so much with the amount of money it cost to get this car.

I stare at the car longingly; it was definitely on my top five. Sighing in awe a car horn brought me back to my senses as I turn my focus to the man behind the driving side. Feeling my cheeks heat up slightly I walk to the door and hop in. It is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

After finally looking around the car I turn my gaze to Hunter as we haven’t set off yet and I give him a quizzing look. He smirks at me before greeting me with that oh so sexy voice. Did I actually just think that?

“Hey princess, you like what you see?” He throws me a wink whilst I shake my head.

“Yes, actually the car is gorgeous, it’s on my top five.” He nods his head but, doesn’t say anything back before we are hitting the road.

A few minutes into the ride I feel words tumbling out of my mouth before I’m even aware of what is going on.

“You’re going to want to refrain from calling me princess, asshole.”

I see him smirk slightly as his grip tightness on the steering wheel making his knuckles turn white.

He takes a few breathes before he turns to look at me and smirks.

“What would you prefer to be called princess?”

I can feel all the smugness in his voice as he says this, and it just makes me want to punch him in his pretty face. I don’t know where this violence came from, I have a feeling he brings out the worst in me.

“How about you just call me my name?” My voice comes out harsher than I intended it to be, but I needed to get my point across to this no asshole.

“Sure, thing Princess”

I roll my eyes at this and continue looking out the window ignoring him for the rest of the ride.

The ride wasn’t awkward, it was just comfortable silence after our little conversation. After about a quick twenty-minute drive we arrived at the shopping hall. I say twenty minutes like its close. It’s not. It’s a good half hour but, in this amazing car, and Hunters bad driving skills, we shed 10 minutes off. I jump out the car as soon as we pull thankful, I’m no longer gripping the seat for dear life as we raced down the roads and praying that I haven’t caused any damage to the seat because I doubt that I could afford to pay for any of the damage without selling an arm and a leg and possible a kidney, I think we should be okay.

Walking in the shopping hall, we got a few weird looks. As you can imagine Hunter is seen with a lot of girls tall, skinny, and very prettier (even if most of them were fake) so you can imagine their surprise when he was seen with someone like me. Average. That is a compliment. I’m below average.

I walk in nervously; I keep fumbling with my fingers. The glances that we get are proof that I will no longer be able to be invisible and hide in the shell that I have built for myself to protect me from the dangerous of the world. It’s proving to me that I can’t go back from this after I entered the shopping hall. I could no longer blend in with the lockers at school or the walls as teachers walked past, hide as Jessica comes storming down the halls to terrorise someone’s life, usually mine.

Walking into the shopping hall was amazing, I’d only be a few times as we don’t have much money, most of my clothes came from charity shops and there weren’t many in here as this is one of the bigger malls that are around and that means bigger and better shops are placed inside to attract more customers.

Glancing around I saw Hunter watching me for my reaction sensing that I clearly hadn’t been here in a long time. I smiled up at him as we started walking. As we walked, I saw beautiful clothes and summer sales displayed in the windows to attract more people and draw them in, so they spend more money. I smile at the fact that sales are going on, at least I’ll be able to afford something. We carry on walking until we are in front of hair dresses. The outside was decorated with a pale pink background and cursive writing which read Kathryn’s beauty salon I feel my heartbeat quicken I didn’t want my hair cut, my dad and I always preferred it long. I feel sadness as the thought pops into my head as imagine myself with a short bop and the thought strikes fear into my heart.

I stop once I’m inside the shop. It’s a cute little shop with two sinks for washing hair and three stations for cutting the hair, which to me doesn’t make sense because it’s not equal with the amount of wash stations. I hadn’t had my hair done in ages, the last time I had got it cut was before my dad died and that was two years ago. The thought of him brings tears to my eyes but I push them as I don’t want to cry on the middle of some shop with Hunter stood next to me.

Turning my attention to the shop I noticed that in the middle of the shop, there is a young lady. She has short black hair then fell to her shoulders and helped to frame her heart shaped face with the same emerald eyes as Hunter. Her skin was pale, and she had light rosy cheeks that made her look like a really bubbly and warm person. She was also about my height, maybe a few inches taller standing at 5”3 or 5”4. When she heard us walk in her face light up like a kid at Christmas and her eyes sparkled with mischief.

“Hunter!” She practically squealed his name and I smiled as she ran up to him and gave him a big hug to which he returned the hug but looked slightly awkward as his eyes shifted towards me and back to this bubbly women in front of me. She finally turns me, her eyes dazzling and boring into mine.

“Hi, you must be Ava, I’m Kathryn. I’m Hunter’s cousin.” I nod in realisation, that’s why they have the same eyes. Although Kathryn seems to be more alive and fierier whereas, Hunters seem cold and closed off. I smile and nod as she drags me over to one of the chairs not even asking if I wanted my hair done or not.

“So, do you have any ideas in mind?” I think about this for a few seconds before shaking my head as I have never bothered to change my hair but, just let it be its normal brown colour.
“I don’t want too much cut off my hair, I like it long other than that you can do what you like,” I say in a matter of fact tone. She nods and gets to work. Washing and drying before she starts trimming off my beautiful strands. I hold in a little sob as I watch some of the hair fall to the floor as memories of my father danced in my head.


After 2 hours she was finished and I was glad it was over, I could barely feel my bum sitting down for so long and not being able to move was ridiculous. I have no idea what she has done to my hair as I wasn’t allowed to look in the mirror after she noticed me staring wat what she was doing to my hair. She finally uncovers the mirror and I gasp.

My hair and been trimmed slightly not too much as I asked so it now came to the middle of my back in swaying motions, natural highlights have been added throughout my hair to help bring it out more and to stop it looking so dull and dead. She had also curled my hair it into beach waves. To give it a bit more bounce and shine so my hair looked like it belonged in a magazine.

I was absolutely in love with my hair it looked so alive and shiny and all I wanted to do was run my hands through it but I didn’t feel like messing with the master piece that she has created for me.

She’d even done light make up as a bonus, I had peachy pink lips and a light cover of foundation and a nude shadow on my lids and whatever else she had done because I could not name them, I was blown away. I didn’t even look like me. My cheek bones looked more pronounced and my face seemed to have more colour in it compared to when I didn’t wear any at all. Overall, I liked the whole look as it was natural and made me look like someone different but in a good way. The makeup wasn’t caked on my face and I didn’t have any slag lines to show that my face and neck was a completely different colour.

Hunter had gone out after about half an hour into my hair getting done and he still wasn’t back. Sighing, I sent him a quick text thinking about how he was probably snogging faces with some other girl as he got bored at how long this process was taking.

I turned to Kathryn who looked anxiously at my face trying to cage my reaction. “Do you like it?” Her voice came out nervously stumbling over her words slightly afraid I would say I hated it.

A smile took over my face as I spoke. “I love it Kathryn, thank you so much! Although you’d have to take me through how you did the makeup and how you curled my hair effortlessly because I am hopeless. It’s not that I haven’t ever been interested in this sort of stuff but, I guess I haven’t had anyone to teach me how to do it. Then I saw all the girls at sixth form and that but me off learning.” She giggled at my little rant about the girls at my school but, agreed nonetheless to help teach me.

The bell rang from the shop and I turned to find Hunter walking through the door, glancing up he stares at me with his mouth hanging open slightly. He quickly recovers and smirks at me with that wolfish grin of his. “You clean up good princess.” I blush but say a quick thank you at Hunter before turning back to Kathryn.

“How much do I owe you?” She smiles before shaking her head at me, laughter in her eyes.
“Didn’t Hunter already tell you; he’s already paid for it.” I shake my head but give her a hug and thank her once again before leaving the shop with Hunter behind me. I could feel his eyes on me as we walk out the shop, but I try my best to ignore him as I think about what Kathryn has just said.

I wonder why he paid for me I think to myself before I was dragged from my thoughts as Hunter guides me into a shop filled with summer clothes by the small of my back. I got this; I say to myself though I was sure I was lying as I look into the dreaded doors of hell.

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