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Chapter 7

My feet were aching, my back was sore, and my arms felt like lead, as they were being weighed down with the amount of clothes that I had brought. My patience was wearing thin as I kept having to try so many clothes on and I was starting to get sick of it. We had only been to two shops. Two shops! It was ridiculous. The funny thing is in those two shops we had managed to waste 3 hours that didn’t even include the two hours to spent to get my hair done!

I had looked around at the clothes in there and there were a few things I picked out such as a cute top that had a unicorn on it but Hunter just shook his head and ended up picking out all my clothes for me, after he realised my taste in clothes didn’t match his image. Granted there were a few objections on my part because there was no way was going to dress like a slut, however, Hunter had good taste. I had four massive bags full of clothes and Hunter had paid for them all again, after sending me a glare when I went to fetch out my purse. I felt bad because even though I knew I couldn’t afford the clothes that we were buying I still wanted to contribute in some way. In total the clothes from these two shops had come to around £600 and to say I was ready to faint when I heard the amount was an understatement.

Right now, we were stood in the middle of a shop and we were in the swimming costume section, and to be honest I was a little uncomfortable. I was looking at one piece as this is where I felt more comfortable whereas, Hunter was looking bikinis with a smirk on his face. Returning my gaze back to the swimming costumes I picked out a red one. I turned to Hunter who was holding three bikinis. I sighed as he ushered me into the changing room and handing me the bikinis and taking away the swimming costume before I had a chance to object to what was happening.

“Hunter, I like that” my voice came out like a child having a tantrum and I blushed at the thought, but I pushed the thought away as I turned to the mirror in the changing room and felt the blush creep up my neck.
“Ava, you have to learn to be comfortable as the new person I am helping you become. I’m not changing who you are I’m giving you the confidence to be the person you were meant to be. You can’t go back to safety; you just have to step outside your comfort bubble.” I nodded and walked into the changing room properly and pulled the curtain closed making sure he couldn’t see in. He was right, I wasn’t going to be invisible any longer, I needed to stop going back to that bubble and gain the confidence to be the real me, who that was though I had no idea.

I turn to look at the first bikini, it’s a deep green army colour and has two straps on the bottoms so you could pull the straps up around your waist, the top was a halter neck and the inside if the round cups was padding to help show off peoples boobs more, it did look nice but it wasn’t something I would wear and I cringed at how on shows my boobs would be. I shake these thoughts from my head and slip it on. As pretty as it was it was showing a lot more skin than I would have liked but, this is me trying to start fresh. I fluffed up my hair slightly and plastered the best smile on my face.

Mustering up all my courage I pulled back the curtain and walked out. Hunter was sat in the chair on his phone when he heard me, he looked up and his faced looked shocked. His drop drooped and his eyes bugged out of their sockets. Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone as quick as it came as they started to cloud over slightly.

“Well, well, well princess you clean up pretty nice, I don’t know why you cover up, you have a nice figure.” I blushed at his words but, nodded a quick thanks before going back into the changing room and trying on the rest. This time I wasn’t going to show Hunter.


After all our shopping I dragged Hunter to the food court to eat, I was starving. I had paid for the food as he had paid for everything else and I still felt bad about that so this was the least that I could do. We were still getting a lot of looks from people passing by and whispering behind their hands more so than last time because Hunter, the genius, had persuaded me to change into some of the new clothes. He said it was like giving it a test drive, seeing what others thought.

Honestly, I felt so exposed to what I was wearing. I was still wearing my black ripped jeans and had just changed my top from a baggy t-shirt to a cropped white top with short sleeves that sat just above my belly button and a cropped blue denim jacket with rips over it giving off a distressed vibe. To finish off the look I had a pair of white and black chequered vans on my feet and a pair of expensive sunglasses on my head pushing back my newly styled hair. It looked really cute and I was getting a load of looks from guys while they stared and wolf whistled at me where the girls were throwing daggers at me for being with Hunter the sex god, or at least that’s what people called him.

All this new attention had me squirming in my seat as I kept my eyes down on the food that I had ordered as a permanent blush had taken over my face. Hunter just ignored everyone around him as he ate his food in silence a far away look on his face. I could tell this was his thinking face as his face was pulled into a frown as this was his most common facial expression. I watched him for a few more moments before his eyes locked with mine and he sent daggers my way.

“Do you know staring is rude?” His tone was harsh, and it took every bit of courage I had to not flinch away from him and hide away from his gaze.

“I’m sorry -“ I started to stammer out but he cut me off with a piercing look before he got up and walked away from me. I watched as he strutted over to a group of girls who flashed smiles at him before he was sucking faces with one of the blonde girls as she ran her hands through his hair.

I turned my eyes away from the scene in disgust as I grabbed my stuff off the floor before leaving the food court. I felt a pang in my chest as I realised that Hunter isn’t going to be able to keep this deal with my because he’s too much of a man whore that can’t keep it in his pants. I was going to look like an idiot if he kept running around to other girls houses and get some.

I mentally cringed at the thought as I started walking aimlessly around the mall looking for something to occupy my time with as I figured out a way to get home. After walking around for some time and given up hope that I would find anything to do I noticed a second-hand bookshop tucked away in the corner. Smiling to myself I pushed my way into the shop which was quite small. Placing my bags on the ground near my feet I ran my fingers across the spines of the books that lined the shelves.

I started pulling books at random off the shelves before reading the blurb and placing back where they belonged. The ones I liked the sound of I placed next to my bags on the floor as I scoured the bookshelves for more books. Half an hour later I had a pile of books that I was ready to buy, as I walked over to the counter to the lady who sat behind and gave me a welcoming smile, I had felt her eyes on while I was looking for books but it looked like she didn’t want to interrupt me so she just sat and read while waiting for me to finish. She was a short lady with short blonde hair that held curls and framed her face, she had deep grey eyes and they held warmth as she stared at me ringing up the books for me.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been in the shop but, I didn’t care because I felt at peace here and my troubles seemed to just disappear, for a moment I forget that Hunter had brought me here and I had no way home as he properly left with some bimbo to get laid. Shuddering at the thought I turned my attention back to the lady in front me as she started to place my books in a bag for me. While she told me the price, I opened my purse and handed over the rest of my money to her before saying a quick thank you before grabbing all my bags off the floor before exiting the shop with a smile plastered on my face thinking nothing could ruin my good mood.

I was wrong, however.

Standing not more than 10 feet away was Hunter with his arms crossed over his chest making him his biceps bulge, his face was set in hard lines as his eyes were cold and were glaring daggers at me as I stood there shocked for a few seconds before I regained myself and started to walk the opposite direction to avoid him and his glare. Shoving my head down I did my best do to blend in however, I was not successful after going through my make up which had people staring at me and boys cat calling me and making comments I’d rather not repeat.

Feeling a hand grip my upper arm I was yanked back to face a flaming pair of eyes staring burning with hatred. His grip on my arm doesn’t release and a whimper of fear escapes my lips as I stare at him, there is only one emotion across his face, anger.

He turns away from me and drags me along with him in his vice like grip on my arm making me wince. I knew I was going to end up with bruises on my arm as my arm started to tingle as the blood was slowly being cut off.

I was pulled from my thoughts literally as Hunter shoved me from the mall and into the car throwing my bags into the little space there was before storming round to the other side of the car and slipped into the car the anger radiating off him. I was quiet the whole time he drove me home.

By the time I arrived home Hunter threw my stuff out the car before he speed off leaving me standing their in a dust of anger, confusion and sadness.

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