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Chapter 7

My feet were aching, my back was sore and my arms felt like lead. We had only been in two shops. Two shops! It was ridiculous. The funny thing is in those two shops we had managed to waste 3 hours that didn't even include the two hours to spent to get my hair done!. I had looked around at the clothes in there and there were a few things I picked out such as a cute top that had a unicorn on it but Hunter just shook his head and ended up picking out all my clothes for me. Granted there were a few objections on my part because there was no way I was going to dress like a slut, however, Hunter had good taste. I had four massive bags full of clothes and Hunter had paid for them all again.

Right now, we were stood in the middle of a shop and we were in the swimming costume section, and to be honest I was a little uncomfortable. I was looking at one piece whereas Hunter was looking bikinis. Returning my gaze back to the swimming costumes I picked out a red one. I turned to Hunter who was holding three bikinis. I sighed as he ushered me into the changing room and handing me the bikinis and taking away the swimming costume.

"Hunter, I like that" my voice came out like a child having a tantrum and I blushed at the thought.

"Ava, you have to learn to be comfortable as the new person I am turning you into. You can't go back to safety, you just have to step outside your comfort bubble." I nodded and walked into the changing room. He was right, I wasn't going to be invisible any longer, I needed to stop going back to that bubble.

I turn to look at the first bikini, it's a deep green and has two straps on the bottoms, it did look nice but, it wasn't something I would wear. I shake these thoughts from my head and slip it on. As pretty as it was it was showing a lot more skin than I would have liked but, this is me trying to start fresh.

Mustering up all my courage I pulled back the curtain and walked out. Hunter was sat in the chair on his phone when he heard me he looked up and his faced looked shocked. Something flashed in his eyes but it was gone as quick as it came.

"Well well well princess you clean up pretty nice, I don't know why you cover up, you have a nice figure." I blushed at his words but, nodded a quick thanks before going back into the changing room and trying on the rest. This time I wasn't going to show Hunter.


After all our shopping I dragged Hunter to the food court to eat, I was starving. I had paid for the food as he had paid for everything else. We were still getting a lot of looks more so than last time because Hunter, the genius, had persuaded me to change into some of the new clothes. He said it was like giving it a test drive, seeing what others thought. Honestly, I felt so exposed with what I was wearing. I was still wearing my jeans and had just changed my top from a baggy t-shirt to a cropped top and a denim jacket. It looked really cute and I was getting a load of looks from guys while they stared and wolf whistled where the girls were throwing daggers at me for being with Hunter the sex god, or at least that's what people called him.

After our shopping day, Hunter took me to watch a movie. We ended up watching The Greatest Showman and it was amazing. It was a good day and Hunter had dropped me off home 10 minutes ago. He told me to throw out all my old clothes. Which is what I was doing right now. I had bagged up all my clothes and was hanging up all my new clothes it wasn't like I had many old clothes anyway so it didn't take too long. Compared to actually hanging up the five bags I ended up with. I was happy I was making a change but, was I doing it for the right reasons? I mean I'd always been invisible and I had wanted to be noticed by someone but, I gave up on that dream. Now I was being noticed by everyone and I'm not sure if it's the right way to go about things. I shake away the uncertainty of these thoughts and get back to the task at hand.

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