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Chapter 8

Imagine waking up knowing that when you leave your house, your whole life has changed. This was my first thought when waking up. Today was my day. It was the day I will finally be noticed at school. By everyone. The nervousness I was feeling was eating away at me.

I laid in my bed for another few minutes before I rolled out and set my feet onto my fluffy rug before pushing myself off the bed. If I was going to be noticed I need to try to look my best. Walking into the bathroom I took a quick shower and washed my hair with my mango shampoo. The nerves that came washing over me could have knocked me off my feet. Stumbling I take calming breathes to get my nerves under check. Finally, being able to walk I head to my room and slam the door shut. I grab my phone and punch in the password with shaky fingers. Mentally cursing myself I put on some music to distract myself.

Half an hour later I was done. I had my hair slightly curled at the ends something a little extra to the act that it was now in beach waves. Little make-up applied because I was still trying to figure it all out. Lastly, I had picked out a skirt and tight crop top. I say I picked it, I didn't, Hunter had picked it out, he had texted me earlier knowing I would wear jeans. To finish the look, I slid on some ankle wrap sandals. Giving myself a shaky nod I grabbed my bag with all my school stuff in, my phone and headed downstairs.

Upon reaching the kitchen you can imagine my surprise when I saw my mother sitting at the makeshift table. She glanced at me before doing a double take. She stared at me. Analysing me. It made me feel uncomfortable if this was how I felt around my own mother then what am I going to do when I'm in front of the whole school!

"Ava?" My mum questioning if it was really me was not a good sign.

"Yeah, mum?" It came out just above a whisper but I knew she heard me.

"You look so different."

"Is that a good thing?" I could hear my own tremor in my voice.

"In this case yes, it is, oh Ava you look gorgeous, stunning even." My mother practically gushed while I blushed and muttered a quick thanks before grabbing breakfast. Five minutes passed before my phone went off signalling that Hunter was waiting for me. I grabbed my bag and hugged my mum goodbye, it's been ages since I've been able to do that, and headed out the door.

Hunter had come in one of his really fancy cars today to show off I guess. It was matte black Lamborghini and man it was gorgeous. I might marry this guy just for his cars. Wait for what?

I was brought from my thoughts by Hunter pressing the car horn and startling me. I hopped into the car before turning to him.

"You know that was really rude." He just smirks at me before looking back at me.

"Wow princess, you clean up good." He said this with a wink sent my way which made me gag. How was I supposed to act as his girlfriend, he was such a jerk. Rolling my eyes, I turned to look out the window as Hunter pulled out my driveway. I was having mixed feelings about the guy, yesterday I was fine but today, I felt more hostile towards him. Maybe I was just taking my nerves out on him.

The ride was slow and awkward as my arse didn't want to talk to him and he seemed uninterested with talking to me which was fine by me. I reached over to put on some music as I could feel the nerves beginning to kick in again before my hand was rudely slapped away. I gave Hunter my best death glare I could muster before I went to do it again. Knowing what to expect I was quicker and managed to get the music on.

He shot me a glare but, left the music on anyway. Yeah, that's what I thought sucker! I did a happy dance in my head before mentally slapping myself for being so stupid because we had just turned into the school. I could feel eyes turn to the car and I was panicking big time. I couldn't do this, what was I thinking when I agreed to this? Yeah, that's what, nothing I wasn't thinking like usual. Hunter noticed me panicking, he rolled his eyes before stepping out the car. That rude mother... I was cut off from my thoughts when my door suddenly opened. Hunter stood there, his hand outstretched waiting for me to take it. I had to do this, there was no backing out.

Grabbing his hand, I let him guide me out of the car, I saw people's faces looking confused or shocked. They, however, didn't seem to know who I was. With Hunter's arm around my shoulders and in his other hand he was carrying my bag we made our way to the school. Guess this was it, it was show time.

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