Words are wings

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débt - mélanie laurent

Glitter spilt across a midnight sky as far below a figure begins to dance.

light from the moon illuminates the room its glow casting shadows of the dancer upon the walls. The dancer as a girl and she stood in the center of the room spinning arms raised in exaltation. picturesque of a most delicate figurine twirling atop a music box. A soft melody; melancholy in contrast to the sheer exaltation of the dancer seemed a tangible thing floating on a distant breeze visible as it winds its way around the dancers form. so stunning was the music it seemed to capture the dancer completely, a beautiful image of one so astoundingly lost within creation the ballerina beneath a city of stars. With one final sad breath the music filtered out, the glow of the moon fading causing the shadows to disappear completely, arms still pointing skywards the dancer froze and the lid of the box closed shutting off the sky entirely.

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