Words are wings

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dreams of flight

In my dreams it appears i am on a precipice, i have lost everything i wish to fall. i wish to fly away. My shoulder blades begin to ache and my back splits apart as feathers sprout from my back sticky with blood. I jump over the edge a wild moment of panic as my wings refuse to unfurl and i'm in free fall, cold fingers of the air rushing past my skin tearing the clothing from my bones ; i feel the air rush over my skin causing goose-flesh to rise a warmer breeze floats in caressing my flesh cleaning me, my wings unfurl white stained with the remnants of my blood. I feel everything, the smallest currents of mind as wings spread wide i glide. The wind whistles in my ears i close my eyes letting out a scream of exaltation. As i open my eyes the world is awash with white, i feel ice land on my cheeks. i shiver bringing my wings in to cover my body and warm me, i plunge again refusing to unfurl my wings, i was picking up speed, i felt no will to live i had felt complete joy and now i was cold. so very cold. i closed my eyes bracing for the final impact. i opened my eyes suddenly overcome by dizziness. i am back on the edge of the void.

i wake.
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