Words are wings

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dreams of form

The dark forms of trees obscure my view. i pad further in, the canopy casting shade it was almost completely dark. almost. but i could see my eyes let me see, i knew if i was someone else i would not be able to see at all. White breath unfurls from my mouth clouding the surrounding air. i heard a branch snap, my pulse increased it's pace; i whipped my head around, something was watching me something was following me, something or someone was after me. i howled praying to the moon goddess for protection. i ran. my blood pumping with fear and adrenaline, i howled once more, a cry for help for my pack. Another wolf replied relief sank into my heart like a pebble being thrown into a stream bubbles streaming off of it, but i didn't stop. It was a russet colored wolf that first appeared to me, a beta of our kind my blood called to him he ran in step with me his eyes conveying what his voice could not, you are mine and i will protect you at all costs. He told me to keep running, so i did. but i stopped turning around. i would not leave my mate.
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