Words are wings

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it’s always 3am

always the same

tears stick to my face

like glue

but glue can’t hold

all the pieces together

so i’m falling

falling apart

at the edges

at the corners

in the middles

the seams are tearing

it’s all gone

gone so horribly




but it’s still 3am

on the clock

in my head

and i’m here

and i’m alone


and again

and again

and it’s still 3am

stuck in my bed

in my head

in my thoughts

in the dark

with a screen

and the words

and an unfix able heart

words pour from the gaps

spill from the holes

like blood

from invisible wounds



you can’t see

it’s all in my head

i’m better off dead

but still i lay


alone and i stare

at the clock

fixated on the time

time passing by

yet still

it never changes

it’s still 3am

and the tears remain

all closed behind doors

of marble

and glass

so shattered

so broken

deep down inside

and there is nothing

nothing left any more

but the empty feeling

it hurts in my chest

so bad

in my head

and it’s still 3am

the lights are out

in the dark

all by myself

and the time

never passes

it’s all in my head

in my head

i’n my head

it’s always 3am

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