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The cadge

The cell was floating above the ground, suspended within a magnetic field, it was well lit but cold, it bordered on freezing. The walls seemed paper thin, but i could tell they could withstand tremendous pressure, the were meant for a monster like me.

I sat chained on the white floor, many translucent tubes entered my body, each filled with a luminous blue florescent liquid injecting 'things' into me. Trying to stand my chains tighten. Walls closing in; i yanked a tube out of my arm, blood pooling on the floor, white gave way to red, i tried tugging on the others, i was weak from blood loss by the time i noticed another tube snake in from the ceiling; i screamed as it latched onto me, the pain was excruciating, silent tears fell as it injected something else into me, the tubes i had yanked out came alive, sinking their fangs into my skin again, i clung onto being awake as the firs tube sank deeper, i fell loosing my grip falling into another abyss.

The chill on my bare arms awoke me, my vision was fuzzy and out of focus; i tasted blood. I was lying in a pool of it. Twice as many tubes had fangs in my skin, trying to tame me, to make me docile; never again. I was paralyzed lying on the floor, vulnerable, alone; i closed my eyes. Hopeless.

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