Whispering Waters

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Chapter 2


“So, do you have a middle name, Wick?”

My ears prick with surprise. “A middle name? What do you mean a middle name?”

She glances away thoughtfully, opening her jaws to speak. “Like… My full name is Sun Lee Trendensen. Lexi’s last name was Trendensen; she’s the one who named me. She used to repeat my entire name to me all the time to help me remember it.” About to continue, she breaks off and gives me a look. “You don’t have one?”

“Well, no. I didn’t even know that was a thing. What’s the point, anyway?” Why would somebody need three names? I think that’s one or two too many for me.

She cocks her head. “I’m not sure. I just know she gave me three names. A first name, middle name, and last name. I always liked it because… I don’t know, I just have always loved having three names. Maybe if you can’t decide on a name, you can just use them all.” She winks at me and I let out a light bark of laughter.

“Very funny, Sun. Very funny.”

She grins and then looks calmly away. “You do have at least two names, right?” When I don’t respond, a bit uninterested, she presses, “You don’t, do you?!” Then her eyes flash with excitement. “You should name yourself Wick Trendensen! We could be family by name!”

My lips form a smile. “I don’t know, Sun. I sort of like being just Wick.”

“You’re happy with simply being Wick?” She looks astounded.

I shrug but then wag my tail to show that I’m not trying to be rude. “I kind of like the simplicity of it. Wick. You know? It’s simple. I’m Wick. My identity comes with only one word.”

“But what if you meet another dog named Wick? Then it won’t just be your identity anymore.”

“Any dog will surely be able to tell us apart by our looks.” I break off to eye her, my gaze full of amusement. She looks like a sad hedgehog that just lost its breakfast. Witholding a grunt of amusement, I continue. “I have a feeling it’s not likely for me to be their twin or anything.”

She just rolls her eyes, laughing and then whining as if trying to make me feel bad. But I spot the gleam of amusement in her own eyes. She’s just messing with me.

Pushing her with a paw, I stand up and head over to the small pile where we keep our food. There’s a squirrel. That’s it. I turn back to her. “Maybe we should hunt?”

She glances down then lets out another laugh. “Sure,” she agrees with a friendly wag of her tail. We bring back two more squirrels and a pigeon that reminds me of our first day together. Contentedly, then, we settle down, back in camp after our mini hunt, and chow down with carefree bites.

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