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Colours were always blurred with him; shades blended together to create new hues, leaving me with no clear way to classify them. But maybe if I had Where Scarlet was pure passion and Grey was indifference, I found a balance between the fire and ice of the world and its trials. I learnt to toe the line between what others call havoc and I call ordered destruction; always defining and characterising people and their colours, I painted myself in the pigments of those who inspired me. Colours to me where more than just a nerve impulse from the eye to the mind - colours to me where people, emotions, souls and stories. In colours I found a truth that I reality would never bestow upon me. I see the world in colours, people and events, animals and emotions - all a unique variant of a world known palette. I see the world in colours, but colours are more to me than simply tincture. Colours are the very essence of the lives with which I come in contact.

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I’ve met a lot of people in my life. I’ve seen a lot of what others call ‘human nature’ and what I simply call fear and survival.

I’ve seen reds and blacks and browns, but also yellows and reds and blues. I’ve seen hope and determination shine through bloodshot eyes while despair and hopelessness fills eyes with the potential to be bright.

I’ve walked through life seeing every shade of colour, shades unknown to the average person - shades seen only in one person. Hundreds of thousands of different colours with an endless number of combinations.

Combinations that speak of loss and sadness, and combinations that detail anger and raw passion - each palette strong in its own way, dangerous and beautiful in its contrast.


The only way to animate simply living.

Colours were always blurred with him.

Much like his character, there always seemed to be another pigment hiding beneath the layer of another - there always seemed to be another angle, another revelation that would change your entire conception of who he is, and what he stands for.

With Grey, things were never simply black and white; or rather, things were never warm or cold. Grey existed in a dimension of his own; always managing to safely balance between the variants of white and black, and never truly taking on a descriptive saturation.

You see, Grey’s birth name is not Grey - Grey is simply a nickname given to him in order to identify his soul.

Grey is the colour of his humanity, the things that make him an individual, and thus - the name Grey is more true to him than any mundane name given to him by society. Grey describes the nature of his actions, his thoughts and his beliefs - in all he did he was neutral and undecided, always bordering on the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘maybes’.

Grey was the first colour I ever noticed, the first colour that shaped me and taught me how to live and cope with all that life had thrown at me. After him there were more, there was Scarlet and Topaz, Indigo and Onyx. Countless souls stained countless colours. Each one unique in its meaning; each soul both beautiful and dangerous in its contrast.

And Grey? He was the most dangerous of them all.

From him I learnt the meaning of indifference and the true complexity that hides behind an empty smile and bloodshot eyes. I learnt to look deeper than the superficial and see the colours as they truly are.

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