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Indigo may not have been the second colour I noticed; but she was by far the most vibrant.

Obscuring the border between true violet and blue, she clouded the lines between being merely another human and an extension of my being. Exteriorizing the qualities of the fabled Indigo child, she was the embodiment of empathy and optimism, as she had an innate drive to do what was right.

Indigo was an enigma, much like Grey, there were parts to her that few people had a chance to understand. She was rooted in her own sense of entitlement, giving meaning to the royalty represented by the tones of purple found in her shadows. Always fighting some kind of war, always speaking up for what she desired, there was a darkness in her that she hardly ever showed.

Following the dark blues that made her the shade that she was, Indigo was like the sea during a tempest - unpredictable and impetuous, she rearranged everything she came in contact with - creating a chaos that settled into order. She was my greatest strength, a continuation of my being, filling in the holes in my soul made by those who had previously damaged me. She brought with her an infectious sense of self worth - raising my views of those around me, until everyone I met seemed to glow with their own shade of indigo brilliance.

True to her origin, Indigo was a Crystal child, misunderstood by society and always trying to redefine the saturation she was given. Confused for navy Indigo had to repeatedly prove her worth, and secure her individuality in a way most people never would.

She exuded an air of change, of disruption and yet also comfort, as she knew in her heart that each breath had a specific purpose. She changed each life she came across, transferring drops of her essence into those who’s indigo glow had faded.

She gave of herself with a sense of authenticity that drained her, making the darker blues in her spirit more pronounced.

And yet I loved her, truly I did, as Indigo was a sister that shared her very being with me. She was a sight to behold, one of the most astounding colours I have ever seen, and when I look in the mirror today, I see that Indigo is the most predominant colour within me.

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